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Top 5 B2B Ad Campaign Mistakes to Avoid.

Jacob Brain


We’ve all heard the classic adage “mistakes are how you learn.”

This is true. There’s much you take in from messing up an endeavor and trying again.

Unfortunately, mistakes can also be how you lose time, revenue, resources, and opportunities.

For B2B marketers, this can happen with the best laid plans. Sometimes our ad campaigns don’t produce the results we were hoping for.

So, we ask ourselves, what could we have done differently to get a better outcome?

Learning about how to avoid the mistakes you can make before you make them can save money, time, and lead to quicker success.

As you navigate the B2B ad world, becoming aware of common campaign pitfalls is a great place to start.

With that in mind, we’d like to use a recent video series from our youtube channel featuring our marketing director and lead strategist, Chris Madeira, about how to hit the success mark you might have missed in the past.

Watch each video and note the helpful tips and tricks along the way. Trust us, trust Chris, and get started on your path to better ad campaigns.

1. No Accurate Attribution

At the foundation of any good ad campaign is the decision about how you are going to determine if your campaign was worth the time and effort you put into to it.

Put simply, how do you measure the success of a marketing campaign?

Marketing has evolved past the point of feeling like a campaign worked or not. 

Whether you’re running a PR campaign, testing different lead generation efforts, or trying to determine the effectiveness of an ABM approach, you need to be confident that your attribution is reliable.

If you can’t accurately assign attribution to your campaigns, you can’t make informed decisions, and performance will suffer. 

Learn more about attribution and what it can look like in your organization from Chris in this video.

Now that we’ve covered attribution let’s turn to another key aspect of an aspect campaign we often see businesses get wrong.

2. Messaging That Doesn’t Connect

First thing first here, how do you approach messaging?

Companies go to great lengths to prepare what they want to tell their customers about their products and services. 

Unfortunately, this is often the wrong approach. 

Customers are coming to you with pains, concerns, and needs. Marketers need to step into their customer’s shoes and empathize, outline a path to solve the pains, eliminate those concerns, and address those needs.

In the end, It’s all about your customer. Craft messaging to connect with them!

In this video, Chris outlines the different stages of the marketing funnel, what’s going on in the customer’s minds at each stage, and how you can effectively craft your message to them to increase conversion rates. 

Check it out! 

After you’ve aligned your messaging, it’s time to put that messaging into your ads and another place where it will make the most impact. As long as you know to avoid the mistake, we’re about to outline below.

3. Not Using Custom Landing Pages

If the landing pages aren’t right, ad campaigns are sending thousands of dollars of traffic into the marketing equivalent of a black hole. It doesn’t matter how exceptional the ads are.

Get better ROI from your ad spend by getting your landing pages built to convert.

The answer to your underperforming ad campaigns isn’t to throw more money at the problem. It’s time for a change.

Join Chris in this video and learn how to get your landing pages consistently converting your ad traffic. 

We also created a detailed blog post that focuses on how you can build a better landing page and achieve that coveted conversion rate. Read it here.

If you’re unknowingly throwing ad spend down the drain with your landing pages, it’s also possible you’re losing profit in another way because of the following common mistake.

4. You Don’t Know Your Ad Platform Well

The beginning of launching a new ad campaign can seem easy. After all, it’s just a few quick clicks.

But what happens if the campaign performs far below expectations?

The answer to better ad performance is better execution. To do that, you need to really know the ad platform.

Each channel has different targeting, bidding, ad options, and more. Not knowing the platform is a quick way to spend your money on meaningless impressions.

In this next video, Chris discusses how critical it is to hit the right customers at the right time and get a great ROI on your next campaign.

Watch here!

Let’s move from ad spend to ad optimization or the lack thereof in some marketers’ cases.

5. You Aren’t A/B Testing Everything

Yes, we do mean everything— all the time. This kind of testing should be the constant in an ever-shifting and moving campaign. Why?

A/B tests can help you refine your messaging, your design, your user’s experience, and ultimately your success.  

Your team will be able to make rapid but informed decisions for better engagement.  Remember to balance optimization with cost. Your goal here is once again: conversion and greater ROI.

Well-planned A/B testing can get you there.

Join Chris in the video below as he discusses the hidden benefits and fine details of A/B testing and why it should be the B2B marketer’s constant companion.  

And more even more help with A/B testing, take a look at the section in our blog post here that details the best tools and best practices.

You’ve learned where you can go wrong. Now it’s time to move forward in the right way.

Need more help crafting ad campaign tactics?

We get it – learning from mistakes and creating strong ad campaigns is hard. We can help.

At New North, we have over a decade of experience helping top B2B companies reach their marketing goals.

If you want an expert eye on your ad and marketing campaigns, let’s schedule a quick time to talk.

And either way, here’s to your success with ads and getting it right the first time.

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