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4 Ways Engineering Firms Should Use Video Marketing in 2019

Jacob Brain


How well is your engineering firm using video marketing?

Video is a great marketing tool, but it’s best when you use it in the right context. The good news for engineering firms is that, in this industry, good contexts abound. That’s because engineering tends to be visual. Whether you’re a civil engineering firm or an electrical engineering firm, it’s likely that aesthetic design factors into your work on at least some level.

That makes video even more valuable for engineers.

If you’ve already heard all of this, bear with me. Yes, we’ve preached the benefits of video marketing before: it’s compelling, it’s memorable, and its effectiveness is squarely backed by data. And that’s all well and good, in theory. But in practicality – how should you actually do video marketing for an engineering firm?

I hear you. In this post, let’s get drop-dead practical. Ready?

Here are five specific ways your engineering can put video marketing to get real results that build your business.

1. Get a video on your homepage.

Let’s start at a basic level: a homepage background video.

It’s a popular web design trend for good reason. Background videos attract attention and have a powerful capability to convey information; some data suggests they can increase homepage conversion rates by up to 138%. At the very least, they’ll make your engineering website look modern, validating your aesthetic expertise with potential clients. Ideally, they’ll let you showcase impressive portfolio pieces more captivatingly than if you used still images.

And finally, a homepage background video is a good way to start video marketing. They’re generally not long (30 seconds or so, max), and they focus on conveying high-level information. Those factors make them a great first step.

A second option for your homepage: a 60(ish) second explainer video. 

Here’s an example from AEI.

It feels more like the trailer for a Nicholas Cage movie than it probably should, but it also does a pretty good job of conveying what’s unique about the company: they’re dedicated to designing infrastructure in the Southeastern and Midwestern United States under a self-sufficient model.

A well-executed explainer video on your homepage is a chance to validate your expertise as soon as visitors land on your site.

2. Get a Facebook cover video.

If you’ve been thinking that every other post on social media is a video, you’re not far off. Facebook videos (to select one platform for an example) have increased 360% in newsfeed updates. That’s a lot of video. And of course, other channels have followed suit.

That can feel a little overwhelming though, so here’s a good first step to implementing video marketing for your engineering firm on social media: create a video cover for your Facebook page.

The benefit (other than the fact that it looks pretty cool)? Again, this is a chance to convey a high amount of information in an engaging manner that boosts your brand. And, as with the homepage background video, this format is an ideal first step.

3. Accumulate case studies and testimonials.

Case studies and testimonials are some of the most straightforward applications of video marketing for engineering firms. They’re a chance to show off great portfolios – and, again, for most engineering firms, the visual components involved here are a big plus.

Here’s a great example from Henderson Engineers.

A few guidelines to making compelling case studies and testimonials:

  • Get footage at different stages of the project, if possible. There’s a reason people love the whole “before and after” premise: we’re drawn to stories. If you can provide a full narrative, people will pay attention.
  • Keep videos under three minutes. It’s tempting to stretch things out to cover all of the detail in your great work, but you’re better off keeping things concise. Viewers don’t need the details; they want the gist. The majority will tune out quickly.
  • If you’re interviewing, script out your questions. If you don’t have scripted questions, you almost certainly won’t get the quotes you’re looking for. You’ll end up with a rambling testimonial instead of a focused piece.

We’d recommend you compile at least three case studies or testimonials, ideally focused around your major areas of service. This will give potential clients a well-rounded (and, hopefully, compelling) look at your work.

4. Film events.

Do you attend trade shows? Do you speak at engineering roundtables? Do you host local events?

If you don’t, you probably should (as argued by the American Society of Civil Engineers on their events page). We agree. We’ve got event marketing pegged as one of the highest-return activities heading into 2019. If you’re already doing it, that’s great. Now it’s time to start filming it.

Events are naturally a great source of video content. Film your trade show experience and post it to social. Film your presentation and post it to the resources section of your site. Doing so is a great way to build expertise and thought leadership – things that’ll make your engineering firm appealing to potential clients.

Video works. Make it work for you.

Hopefully, these four practical applications have kickstarted your push into video marketing for your engineering firm. Either way, the reality is that these four ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to video. If you really want to engage using this medium, we’d recommend going further by pushing into social distribution or even developing branded campaigns around specific components of thought leadership.

And remember: while we’ve covered tactics here, your first consideration should always be strategic. Develop a strategy and execute on tactics – don’t let tactics drive strategy. In other words, don’t do video because you feel like you should. Start with a goal in mind, and determine if video will help you to reach it.

If you’re ready to implement a video marketing strategy for your engineering firm, let’s talk.

At New North, we specialize in marketing for B2B tech firms like yours, and we can help you to drive real results. Read: more leads, new projects, and a better bottom line.

And if your engineering firm looks cool in the process – hey, we’ll take it.

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