0 to 60 Leads in 30 Days From the Web

Jacob Brain


If you’re reading this, you’re likely not getting the results you’d like from your digital marketing. That might mean you’re getting zero leads, or it might be a dozen or so. Either way the following article will give you the steps to get more leads in 30 days guaranteed*.

Don’t Confuse Fast With Cheap

Now, before I dive into the steps you need to take to get 60 leads in 30 days from your digital marketing, a word of wisdom when it comes to budgets. You get what you pay for. The best marketing brings great value for your marketing spend, not simply by doing it cheaper. So, if you are thinking 60 leads are going to drop with a few tweets or a clever ad strategy, you’re banking on luck rather than repeatable success. The understanding that flows out of the following segments relies on the fact that you are ready to spend the acquisition cost for those leads. If your current acquisition cost is $400 per lead, be ready to put forth the $24,000 to get them. You might get “lucky” and bring that down to $300 per lead, but what is more important is that the leads close and close for good value, so your 24K has a solid return of much, much more. This isn’t “get rich quick” with high risk, this is more like “get rich consistently.”

Step One: Create a 5 Word Keyword Strategy

As you start, your first step is to construct your keyword lists. Consider 10-15 keywords that you are currently not ranking greater than No. 4 on the search results, but you are not past page 3. Use a SERP tool to figure this out. Take these keywords in the Google Adwords Analyzer tool and find out how much traffic you could be gaining by getting a No. 1 position for it. You should look to achieve a 40-50 percent increase in traffic if these five keywords ranked top of the list. This list will be the foundation of your entire campaign.

Step Two: Buy Some Ads

A major source of fast traffic is to buy ads, and this will be where the majority of your budget will end up going in the course of the campaign. We’d recommend going with Google and Facebook ads. Google Ads will be focused on your keywords, while Facebook ads will be targeted to the demographics of your ideal customer. Creating great ad copy will be key to your success in these campaigns, as that is what will convert more clicks to your site and subsequent landing page. We use a bunch of different tactics, yet for your first campaign you might use a content offer, such as an ebook, to bring in leads.

Step Three: Create Optimized Conversion Pages

Now you will create an optimized page for each of those keywords or ad variations. You can group very similar words together if needed, or if you are doing content promotions, you just need one page for each content download. You should follow the best practices in page construction and content authoring to create a rich SEO page content. Find out more about this here and here. The key is to capture a high percentage, +30 percent of the visitors to this page for your funnel. Doing this will help you build those leads very quickly. The trade off in any campaign is the volume/intent. The more volume you can get is likely dependent on how targeted you want to be with your campaign.

These pages will be the source of your conversion of leads, so plan this step out wisely.

Step Four: Write Blog Posts

The number of blog posts might be harder to gauge without knowing your campaign, but if you are doing a keyword campaign, you might want to write 2-3 posts for each keyword to increase your rankings. Luckily, your landing page might be one great page for that keyword, so you’ll want to explain your depth around that keyword to a few more pages. The concept with the blogging is to counter balance the ads. Getting organic SEO results will increase your lead count in the long haul, but it takes time. We use ads for immediate results, but build content for long-term viability.

Step Five: Build The Funnel Drip Campaign

Upon conversion, you might not have a line of people ready to buy. There are two ways you can go about this challenge. First, you could call each one of them and find out where they are in the buying process, or create a drip campaign that can send signals back to you on where they are in the buying process. For example, your first email might have a link to some case studies. Historically, people interested in case studies are in the closing stages of a buying decision, as they have identified you as a solution, now they are looking for assurance into the solution. In the same regard, if they click on a “how to” article, they might be more interested in doing it themselves, and not a high close candidate. The art of creating a great drip campaign involves engaging the lead with great value, as well as sending signals back to your CRM with lead intelligence. This can be done, and when it is done well can provide even more value on the overall campaign.

Ready To Get Started? – Here’s The Guarantee

*Are you skeptical about the plan, and looking for the guarantee? We’d be happy to back your plan and offer a $1,500 credit of services to anyone who does not get 60 leads with this plan. Simply let us review the plan before you get going to make sure you’re doing it right. We’d be happy to help, so please reach out to us for a complementary review. And if you don’t get 60 leads, the credit is yours. How’s that for a guarantee?

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