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The Top 5 MSP Marketing Agencies in 2023

Jacob Brain


The bad news is that MSP marketing is hard.

It’s hard because, even though the MSP model has been around for decades, many of your prospective clients still don’t quite get the full value you offer. It’s hard because there are a ton of potential marketing tactics to try – and many of them don’t seem to work, at least to the level of consistency you need.

And it’s hard, in all honesty, because there are a lot of MSPs. Standing out from your competitors takes strategy and hard work. It’s not easy.

If you’re reading this page, you probably agree (which is why you’re here looking for help).

Here’s the good news: Marketing can still work. If you approach it correctly, MSP marketing can drive a consistent flow of qualified leads to your business. It can help you to grow in your area, expand your reach, and even get acquired.

You need the expertise to make marketing work. That’s what an agency partner can bring – and that, in turn, brings marketing results and lead generation.

With that in mind, here’s our list of the best MSP marketing agencies in 2023.

My bet is that there’s a fit for you on this page that’s ideally positioned to solve your MSP marketing problem.

Let’s find them.

1. New North

We’re at the top of this list because a) we made the list and b) we have over a decade’s worth of experience helping dozens of managed IT service providers market effectively. Our clients have dominated new markets, grown, and gotten acquired.

We understand the technical challenges of MSP marketing, and we can help you to solve them.

We’re a full-service agency, which means we can do it all – from web development to SEO to content production – but our sweet spots are branding and lead generation. Translation: We make your business look good and we help you drive more sales opportunities. That’s how we’ve generated thousands of leads for MSPs over the past 10 years.

We’re not the best fit for everyone. We’re best for MSPs that have grown to the point where referral growth is approaching a ceiling and an experienced marketing partner is the logical next step. If you’re just starting your MSP, you may want to look at lower-level options before you commit to an agency relationship, such as the MSP Marketing Edge (number five on this list).

We work via one-off projects or ongoing monthly relationships (you can learn more about our engagement models here).

You can schedule a free review of your current MSP marketing here.

The bottom line: If you’re an established MSP looking to take your business to the next level, we can help.

2. Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand has a cool pitch: These guys actually were an MSP before they sold it off and pivoted into becoming a marketing agency. Today, the MSP industry isn’t their only niche, but it’s still one of their focuses (they also serve the real estate and legal industries, among others).

They’re a full-service firm, too, so they offer services like ad management, web development, SEO, and social management.

Here’s how they describe their approach on their website:

“We work every day to help small to medium size businesses around the globe get their products and services into the hands of their customers through powerful digital & online marketing solutions.”

The bottom line: If you’re a small MSP looking for a partner who’s been in your shoes, this firm’s worth looking at.

3. Ulistic

Ulistic, on the other hand, is specifically dedicated to the MSP market – in fact, their tagline is “A Complete Marketing Department For Your Growing MSP Business.” As you might expect, these guys are straightforward and to-the-point. Here’s how they describe their approach:

“Ulistic has one focus and one focus only. Get Leads For Your MSP. Simple enough, isn’t it? When you partner with Ulistic as your trusted MSP marketing partner, you immediately get access to a solid team of professionals, all committed to one thing only…Getting leads for your MSP.”

That kind of locked-in focus may not make you fun at parties, but it’s nice to have when you’re building a business. Tactically, Ulistic is a bit more streamlined than other companies on this list – they do website development, SEO, and social media (mostly LinkedIn). We can confirm that those platforms do help generate MSP leads.

The bottom line: If you’re looking for laser-focused MSP lead generation, Ulistic is worth considering.

4. Tech Pro Marketing

These guys are a little newer on the MSP marketing scene. Like Ulistic, they’re specifically focused on working with MSPs. Unlike Ulistic, they’ve only been in the game for three years – but during that time, they’ve done some nice work, as Nate Freedman (their founder) claims to have helped multiple MSPs break the $1M barrier.

What I like most about Tech Pro Marketing is that they’re honest about the MSP market. Here’s how they put it:

“There’s a lot of competition out there, but we know that if you put the work in with our team, you will get results… The problem isn’t ‘the market’ – it’s your marketing. MSP marketing is no walk in the park, but with the right approach, you can generate leads and grow your business.”


The bottom line: If you’re in the vicinity of $1M and are looking for pipeline assistance, Tech Pro Marketing is worth considering.

5. The MSP Marketing Edge

This last one is a little different. The Marketing Edge isn’t really an MSP marketing agency in the traditional sense; it’s actually a subscription product that gives you access to templated marketing materials for $129 per month.

That includes an educational guide, promo tools (like website images and social posts) and educational videos that you can send in emails or put on your website. You get the whole package on the first of each month and can use it any way you’d like to.

Here’s how they explain it on their site:

“Want new clients, but don’t have the time to create marketing materials? The MSP Marketing Edge will revolutionize how you get new clients… You get this massive collection of fresh, powerful marketing tools sent to you every month.”

Notably, they only sell this to one MSP per zip code, so if someone’s already claimed it in your area – tough luck.

The bottom line: This won’t help you stand out (it’s templated, after all) but it will help you get the marketing machine going. It’s a cool option for MSPs that are just starting out and aren’t quite ready to pay for an agency.

Ready to get started with MSP marketing?

My hope is that one of the companies on this list catches your eye as a good fit. And if you’re an established MSP looking for branding or lead generation, I’m confident that New North is the fit you’re looking for.

MSP marketing can work. Let’s set up a consult and talk through what you’re currently doing and lay out the path toward the next level of growth.

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