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3 Email Tests for Loyalty Campaigns

Jacob Brain


Email is a critical part of any loyalty email campaign. So to leave your results alone, without proper testing, would be missing a fount of opportunity for growth and interaction. Here are three quick loyalty email tests you can run to optimize your campaigns.

Email Subject Line Tests

These are great tests because you get feedback in opens as well as click-though rates. Here are a few concepts to test as it pertains to loyalty campaigns.

  • Using your member’s name in the front of the line. Ex. “Hi John, Here are some loyalty updates”.
  • Try being less formal, punchy. Ex. “Thank You” vs. “Thank you for shopping at X”.
  • Using a special character or image in our subject line.

Clarity of Call to Actions

One of the biggest issues we see in email around loyalty programs is the over stuffing of email content. Your emails should be singularly focused. If you are telling three stories in one email, it’s too much. Here are some ideas.

  • Use a single bold headline in your design, and one simple large CTA vs. multiple CTAs in one email.
  • Put your CTA at the top, before all of your “justifying” copy vs. the common footer placement.
  • Image based CTAs vs HTML text based CTAs.

Smart Timing of Loyalty Emails

Unless you are using a good marketing automation platform, you’ll need to think about timing of your mass sendings. We have developed a methodology to do this, yet here are some ways you can develop your own tests.

  • Create a sending plan that first looks to identify which days of the week work for your blasts.
  • Second, isolate further with time of day on those days.
  • Make sure you’re not running any other tests with these tests as it will invalidate your testing.
  • If you do use marketing automation, take the same process, but base it on interactions, not days.

All of these tactics can help you create more viable email marketing for your loyalty program. If you need help with your loyalty program, marketing automation, or optmization of your loyalty campaign, let us help with a no-pressure conversation on our loyalty expertise. Call 240.575.5887, or contact us.


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