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3 Mistakes On Most HR Consultant Websites

Jacob Brain


Making mistakes in your HR consultant website design project can cost you time and money. If you’re creating new HR consultant websites, don’t let these mistakes ruin your project – or you might lose both.

First Mistake: No SEO strategy

In many cases, HR consultants websites do a great job of displaying your process, but totally forget about the whole purpose of HR consultant websites in the first place: to be found in online search. Missing an SEO strategy for your website means that you’re missing a huge factor in the ROI for your entire marketing effort.

How much traffic are you getting now? Every site should start with an overview of how the SEO process will take place and what kind of approach you will take to generate search traffic.  How much is available for you to try to capture? What keywords are most relevant to your customers? Take time to do this, and give it as much importance as anything else on the website.

Second Mistake: Poor Job Postings

No matter how great the process might be, your clients and prospective candidates both desire to see a strong listing of your current searches. They want to see how much care you give to the search process, and how detailed you are in the pursuit of those positions.  Make the job postings rich, allow them to be shared, and give them a meaningful visual treatment.

You’ll collect more candidates this way and show your potential client how serious you are about getting things done.

Third Mistake: No Lead Generation

Contact us is a great button for the navigation, but it’s a very deep first step engagement for a potential customer to engage in right off the bat. Rather than focusing your entire site on one call-to-action, use multiple call-to-actions. Approach your lead generation strategy in a more realistic way that actually reflects the process your customers go through when buying, and set up varying levels of call-to-actions. This can range from a newsletter signup, to a content offer, to a free consultation. Packaging your call-to-actions will help the user to see what options they have, and it’ll bring some context before they’re encouraged to hit the “contact us” button – which, if it’s all there is, can intimidating at best.

Each of these tactics can help you build a great human resources consultant website. If you need help building your websites, please contact us at New North. We can help you to plan and build your website right the first time. Get more traffic, better presence, and more leads from your site than ever before.

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