3 Social Media Tips for Engineering Firms

You are an engineer, not a marketing expert. That being said, you understand the value of marketing, and think that using social media can be a free way to get a good start on it. Great! But now what? Everyone has their own opinion on social media and how to be most effective, but if you just keep some of the basics in mind you will be good to go. Here are a few tips to get your engineering firm’s social up and running:

Tip #1: Find Out Where your Customers Are, and Go to Them

Should you focus on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn? Snapchat? The channel you choose is essential, because you need to make sure all the work you put into this is heard. Luckily, finding this information is simple. You can either look for your clients on each social channel, or you can simply ask them. Find one or two of the main social channels that your customers are on, and go to where they already are.

Tip #2: Create Content for People, not Businesses

When creating content, create it around what you think the people who work at your prospect’s companies will like. You sell to people, not businesses. Create content that’s fun, humorous, or educational. Something that will keep them coming back for more. It is also a good idea to create a plan around the kind of content you will create, to help to avoid it becoming inconsistent. If you want to have an educational or expert feel to your posts, then keep that throughout the entirety of your marketing. Brand yourself as the expert, and you will become the go-to authority of your engineering niche.

Tip #3: Be Consistent

This was mentioned previously, but it is important to maintain consistency  not only within each social channel, but in all of your marketing efforts. This will build your brand and avoid your customers feeling any sort of dissonance about you. Keep in mind, this does not happen overnight. Building any brand takes time, but in the end it will pay off.

[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with getting results from your marketing that you should be -> see the plan ››

These tips should get you on the right track towards your engineering firm having a strong social presence. Remember: go to where your customers are, create content for people not businesses, and be consistent. Follow these tips, and you will be off to a great start!

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