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5 Blogs to Guide Your B2B Business Through ABM in 2023

Jacob Brain


Ahh Account Based Marketing or ABM…what an approach. This strategy has gained popularity in recent years. In fact, 15% of marketers in 2020 used ABM. That’s not really a high percentage. How about 70%? That’s how much it jumped to in 2021. It moved up even more in 2022.

What does this mean for 2022?

It means many businesses’ marketing strategies will trend towards the way of ABM. So your B2B business may want to consider following suit, and not just because of its popularity.

 Where other strategies like inbound or content marketing have failed, ABM can succeed. This idea especially holds true for small to midsized B2B businesses targeting industry-specific clients.

At New North, we’ve learned a thing or two about ABM in our 20 years in the industry. So here are five helpful New North blogs to guide your B2B business through its first steps into ABM.

Note: Treat each blog as a piece of a pretty complicated puzzle. Every piece is needed. By the end, the puzzle image should be starting to form, but you’ll need a puzzle master to help you see the whole picture. There will be more on that puzzle master later.

1. “The Quick Guide to ABM in B2B Tech Marketing

We know this may seem redundant, like a “guide within a guide,” but it provides some great value nonetheless.

 Value to You:

I think the word “guide” in the title clues you into how this blog will help your ABM aspirations. This post contains the framework of a simple ABM campaign.

Follow the five steps from “Get a List” to “Launch and Track” and learn a little about each component of ABM. The posts also include tips on:

  • Sales Letters
  • Emails
  • Landing Pages

And more.

Remember that this describes a process with each part working in an ideal concert. But, unfortunately, reality is hardly ever so kind.

Many of these components can derail your campaign if not done correctly. You will need a much more in-depth look at ABM before you launch a campaign.

Key Takeaway:

The Quick Guide to ABM in B2B Tech Marketing” will provide the ABM framework you need to get started.

2. “Why You Could Benefit from an ABM Campaign For SaaS

Don’t let the SaaS in the title fool you. While the blog is written for a particular audience, there are still many things to learn from ABM in it that can be applied to any B2B business.

Value to You:

Our previous entry outlined the “how” of ABM. This entry will take you through some of the “whys.” It gets into the nitty-gritty reasons for why ABM could work for you by listing the advantages it affords your business.

Highlights include:

  • Provides clear data to build form
  • Creates opportunities to personalize marketing content
  • Integrates seamlessly with your sales team
  • Assists with black-and-white goal setting

This post can be a pretty good determiner for whether ABM is for you or not.

3.“The Next Marketing Strategy for Your MSP—ABM

MSPs-consider this your lucky post. Everyone else stick around for some basic principles.

Value to You

At first blush, you may think this does not provide much value to you. It may seem like simply another general ABM post. On the surface, it provides you with a basic knowledge of ABM, but look deeper for the hidden gems.

This blog post includes several very practical tips and notes that you won’t find easily. They are shared from an operations perspective and can be applied to the day-to-day execution of ABM strategy. In addition, many of them communicate troubleshooting suggestions and warnings against easily made errors.

Look for these nuggets of wisdom in the sections about list acquisition, strategy tandem, and others.

Don’t sleep on the advice here. It could save you time, resources, and revenue.

Key Takeaway:

 If you want to know where to look before you take your ABM leap, read “The Next Marketing Strategy for Your MSP-ABM.”

4.“What is a Drip Email?

This is the post that will teach all about a staple component of many ABM campaigns—drip email. It will further your knowledge of the email marketing world and how ABM fits into it.

Value to You:

Finding the value from this post lies in your understanding of what drip email does. To put it very simply, drip email channels your message to your targeted audience. There’s so much more nuance to this type of communication, and you will learn much of it through the explanations and examples in this post. 

Topics covered include:

  • When should you use a drip email campaign?
  • How to automate drip emails
  • Benefits of a drip campaign
  • Email drip campaigns in action

Pay close attention to these described parameters to ensure that drip email is what your ABM campaign needs. 

While email drips can be a big part of ABM, there are many other channels to consider as well. 

Key Takeaway:

When it comes ABM, email drip is definitely a viable channel for reaching your primary audience.

5. “What is a Good Email Click-Through Rate?”

This final post springboards off the last by outlining a small way for you to measure the progress of your ABM campaign.

Note: Click-through rate is a great way to gauge the amount of interest in your message, but it won’t tell you everything you need to know about your campaign’s success. Consider looking into other ways to determine your email’s effectiveness.

Value to you: 

What would be the point of planning, creating, and launching an email drip campaign if you have no way of measuring your progress?

This post does exactly what the title says—it tells you the CTR (click-through rate) you should be aiming to achieve.

However, it also provides clear definitions and ways to increase your CTR. This measure and improve process can be tricky and needs careful analysis of data collected.

Just as a warning, email campaign failure does happen.

Before completely scrapping a campaign because of low CTR, examine the number closely. It’s possible your campaign suffered simply because of what time of day you sent the emails.

Key Takeaway:

Knowing your CTR is crucial to measuring an email campaign’s success, and “What is a Good Email Click-Through Rate?” will teach you how to do it.

Ready to Jump Into ABM?

At this point, you’ve probably realized there’s a lot of moving parts to coordinating  an ABM campaign. If you are just dipping your toe in, ABM can be overwhelming.

That’s why I compared it to a puzzle at the start of this post. Remember that puzzle master that I mentioned? That’s why New North exists. We can offer you ABM design, implementation, strategy creation, and identification of appropriate targets. Reap the rewards of the most targeted marketing approach on the planet with the help of New North’s digital marketing team. 


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