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5 Basic Marketing Automation Emails for SAAS

Jacob Brain


Email and SAAS go hand-in-hand. The pure success of many SAAS applications depends on their ability to build valuable relationships with the users through consistent email messaging. SAAS has the power to combine exacting personalization and relevant timing like no other product or service which makes email the very focus of strong SAAS marketing channels. In this post we look at five behaviors that should be acknowledged in SAAS applications with email.

1. Welcome Email

Beyond the login credentials, a new user should get at least one, if not a series, of emails to welcome them to the SAAS product. This is the very first active communication the user receives from the company and it should set the pace for what is to come in tone and relevance.

2. High Activity Email

When a user is highly active on the product, email messages can be delivered to further orient the user to more features and tools available to them. Orientation helps a user explore the SAAS product more, creating greater use.

3. Low Activity Email

When they disappear, you need to know why. Low activity of a user should be prompted with an email that encourages them to use the software, but not directly. Begging is never a way to win someone’s heart. Instead, you should focus on the positive aspects of what they are missing and new improvements to the system.

4.  Task Completion Email

A great way to build relationships is when a user completes a task. This could be completing a profile or finishing a project within your system. If acknowledging the event can build the relationship, then do it!

5. Good-Bye Email

Yes, even if they have left you, you should follow our advice and continue to email them with the positives of a relationship with you. You may or may not know why they left, but in any case, needs can change and it might not be long before your SAAS product could be relevant again.

Overall, there are many behavior triggers that can be used to send relevant and timely emails to clients. You should take advantage of the relationship. We offer marketing automation email services for companies looking to develop those types of emails with their customers. It’s a great step in building a loyal user base.

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