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Can Email Campaigns Increase Sales?

Jacob Brain


Are you wondering if email campaigns increase sales – and if they’ll really impact your closing rate or your bottom line?

With so many people talking about email campaigns, what really works? Let’s unpack a few of the email tactics you need to know to increase sales.

Automated Follow Up Email For Sales

The best way to put email to work for your sales efforts, is to automate the emails you send every day. Those followup emails, those checking-in emails – all the emails that are low value, but need to be sent. Why are you still sending those manually? With marketing automation email campaigns, you can be keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis, without lifting a finger.

Using Email Drip Campaigns for Prospects

Another popular way of using email is to create email “drip” campaigns. They call them drip, because its one email at a time, over a time. So in essence, you are “dripping” messaging on your prospect. These are very effective. Drip campaigns can have over an 80% higher open rate than regular emails. So they are very effective at reaching our audience. And being that they are automated, you’re doing less work to make the contacts.

The Email Newsletter Nurture

Although we agree that the title “newsletter” is getting a little tired, the idea of keeping your customers up-to-date on your latest news and thinking is still in vogue. Customers need to be kept inline with your growth, thinking, and services that can keep them engaged in what you do. Case studies, photos and testimonials can be a great way to do this.

So the answer is yes – email campaigns increase sales.

Done right, email can be a very effective channel to increasing your sales and overall customer engagement. If you are not using email marketing, don’t start alone. Let’s have a quick conversation on what the best ways might be to get started. We generally don’t work with customer who have less that 1K subscribers on their lists, so it’s not a sales call. As an email marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we’ve seen email that works. We just want to get you started in the right direction.


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