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Data Driven Marketing

Jacob Brain


Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

No longer should any business discipline operate without the power of data. There is too much data available in every aspect of the consumer’s lives to plan any single part of your marketing plan without it. Data driven marketing is not the future of marketing, its become the standard for thousands of companies.

Data Driven Marketing = Death to Assumptions

One of the biggest benefits of data driven marketing is the end of assumptions. With so much data, any business can gather data to put an end to consumer assumptions. This changes the board room, or meeting room conversation and the knee jerk reaction to old tribal knowledge, that proves to be misdirected in the end. Decisions are made on data, not influence or politics.

Data Driven Marketing = Insight

Data driven marketing is a quest for insight. The more data, and the right data, lead you to deeper and more meaningful insights about your consumer.  Without data, you are left to promises and claims of your advertising reps, and benchmark studies that create a generalization of consumers. With data, you can create your own metrics and benchmarks for your consumer.

Data Driven Marketing = Responsive

The key to marketing automation is real time data on your customers. Personalization in marketing, requires real time data.  Victory in the 21st century will be had by those companies who can effectively and quickly make data work for their businesses. Companies who can harness this power will reap greater rewards from every marketing activity they undertake.

Data Driven Marketing = Unity and Fun

One of the great advantages of data driven marketing, is that marketing and advertising becomes fun again. Instant feedback on your campaigns and consumers brings a spirit of unity and fun to the company. Working as a team to create better return and working against the data, not each other. Eventually, the data driven approach makes its way into each and every department, transforming the company.

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