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How We Doubled Their Website Traffic in One Year

Jacob Brain


Top-of-funnel growth can be one of the most powerful ways to increase your leads. Doubling your website traffic can give you a deeper pool of leads, and start the ball rolling on towards deeper conversion efforts.

Where We Started

In this particular engagement, this company had a good bit of traffic to the site, but wasn’t able to tie that traffic to continual results in sales. Most of the traffic was organic search, with some minor direct traffic and little-to-no referral or social traffic. The client did not feel as if the website could actually generate business for them, but they really liked the idea of using the site as a lead harvesting machine.

Step One: Engage Who You Have

The first step in any engagement campaign is to fully engage the audience you already have. This client had an active audience, but only engaged them with an email newsletter once a quarter. This under-utilized the audience and did not allow for referral growth, or for subsequent business development from the list. Tapping into the list with greater frequency and a more robust content offering, we were able to engage the audience, driving more traffic back to the site and creating a higher awareness of all services and cross-selling opportunities. With additional social sharing tools, the emailed articles were forwarded on or shared on social media – both of which increased our reach.

Step Two: Engage New Channels

The second step was to bring additional channels into the marketing mix to bring the content and service to a new audience. We used Twitter and LinkedIn to engage a new audience, growing a qualified 100+ Twitter following with in a few weeks. Using that audience as a base, our post reach hit 4000 impressions, allowing for increased traffic back to the website. In addition, we used a LinkedIn strategy centered around the principal of the firm, sharing content and driving traffic (including new connects) to her account.

Step Three: Increase SEO Rankings

Once the low hanging fruit of the two previous strategies were in place, we turned to the work of creating content and optimizing pages to reach new SEO results. The client did not hold many – if any – first page placements on critical keywords. Using a combination of page optimization (editing the HTML code around the page) and new content creation, we focused on 50 critical keywords, bringing many into the first 2 pages. Some high traffic keywords hit the top of page one. This alone increased the organic traffic by approximately 60%. Having a strong SEO plan with decisive keywords helps to keep the efforts focused, and provides maximum results.

Final Thoughts & Helping Factors

This campaign was the result of some great strategy and hard work by the team at New North. In reflection, this client was already successfully focused on a niche service in a geographic area. Many clients try to be everything to everyone, which ends up watering down their SEO efforts. Having a deep focus did allow the SEO to take on a sharper focus, and put more density around fewer keywords. This in turn, drove faster results than other campaigns we have completed.

If you are interested in doubling your traffic and having a lasting impact on your SEO results, New North can help you drive that campaign for additional growth. SEO traffic can make or break an online business. Dominating key search results, then, should be the #1 consideration with your digital media.

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