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Four Clogs In Your Lead Funnel

Jacob Brain


Are you not getting the kind of leads you’d like from your digital marketing? Review these four common lead funnel blockages to see if you’ve got a clog.

Reason #1: No Traffic

You might not be getting any leads from your website, because you’re not getting enough traffic to your site to start. It’s hard to get one lead a month if you have less than 500 visitors to your site in that month. Look at increasing your traffic and trying to integrate more traffic-driving activities, like social media or paid search, to your strategy.

Reason #2: Not Enough Info

You might be getting traffic, but having trouble with conversion rates. The reason is not you – it’s your site. Customers need an overwhelming amount of information before making a decision, and your site needs to provide that information. If you are not blogging or publishing your work on a regular basis, they are leaving your site because they still need more info before they make the decision to contact you.

Reason #3: No Clear CTA

You might think “contact us” is as clear as day, but to your customer, it might not be. You should have a series of call-to-actions (or CTAs) for your website to help guide the user along the path to discovering your content and capabilities. A “free guide” or a “30-min evaluation” might be a better action step than a contact us. Think of what else can be done as a first step, then move to testing.

Reason #4: Bad Design

As much as science goes into web marketing, we’ve also seen how a simply bad design can shipwreck your lead funnel efforts. You might have a great amount of content, but have a visual design that’s dated and affects the trust that your customer might feel towards your brand. How do you feel when you visit an outdated website? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. If it’s been three or more years, you’re in need of a website redesign. If you are not mobile friendly, you are losing people as well. Bad design can ruin your efforts – no matter how well planned they are.

Take the next step

If you are wanting to increase your leads from your website marketing, wait no longer. Contact New North today to find out how easy it will be to unclog your digital marketing lead funnel.


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