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Have You Looked at Your Web Statistics Lately?

Jacob Brain


When is the last time you spent two hours analyzing your web stats? Do you know your highest viewed pages, or which pages have the highest bounce rate? Are you keeping track of your biggest referrer and spending your ad budget wisely?

So much can be learned from a continual review of your website statistics. Trends in your users’ habits and patterns start to emerge. From there you are able to leverage new findings to support a new ad strategy or get raw data on how successful the web site is working for you. Statistics can also give you keywords that visitors are using to find your site in search engines. There is just so much to learn from these simple reports that you cannot ignore them!

But more and more, online marketing has become an intensive and time-consuming effort. It’s harder to manage all of the venues and make sense of it all. That is why we have started to offer a new service to our clients: marketing strategy and analysis.

With marketing strategy and analysis, we take a look at your site every month and generate an easily digestible report that you can review with your morning coffee. This simple report gives you a high-level review of your traffic in and out of your site and detailed keyword report with information on how your site is performing in your keyword market. In addition, we give you a list of possible growth strategies, as well as failures, to help optimize your Web presence. All in all, you finish with a confident understanding of where your site stands.

Give us a call 240.575.5887, or email us to learn more about this service and how it can help you reach a new level of confidence with your online presence.

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