How to Increase Click-Though Rates In Email

Jacob Brain


Your ability to increase click-though rates will determine the overall success of your email campaign. Although email open statistics can give us much hope, click-through from the user is required for real success. So how do we increase click-though rates? Here are some tips:

Increase Your Link Count

Depending on the focus and point of your email, many emails that are sent do not offer enough engagement opportunities for the recipient. Simply put, there are not enough links! This does not mean you need to make the entire email a hyper link, but it does help to have enough targeted call-to-actions (CTAs) in your email that make sense for your reader to act in a few different ways to engage with your message. Even if you have a single focus message, maybe you have a secondary set of CTAs that can help engage. But you will not increase click-though rates without the right amount of links.

Clarity in Your Call-To-Actions

Another big point, but harder to quantify is the clarity of your call-to-action. Does the user know exactly what you want them to do? I find that many email messages make a lot of assumptive CTAs. Meaning that the title of an article might be a link, but they don’t have a “read more” link. We find many times the image, or the read more links are clicked in equal proportion to the title of an article. The point is not that one is better than the other, buy simply that you should give the user a clear CTA, and as many opportunities to act as you can.

[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]Give the user as many opportunities to act as you can.[/tweetthis]

Attractive Messaging

A point that will take the most effort is simply having something worth clicking on. Beyond the business objective, the high level conversation will correctly be focused on what are we trying to get them to do, and do they want to do it. That second part is where most marketing falls short.  Where 90% of companies might send out a “click here for our pricing sheet”, might really need to be “Download our competitively priced service offerings”. Who’s lens are you looking through? Again, this is a big question, but also something that can be helped with A/B Testing, and doing strategic email campaigns.

Test, Track and Measure Every Email

Lastly, the best way to grow your click-through rate is to simply test, track and measure every email. With a strong methodology you can conquer so many unknowns and grow your interactions 1% at a time. The most successful email marketing campaigns are not single shot experiments. They are calculated, measured and iterated until success is achieved. Don’t settle until you’ve beaten your own benchmarks.

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