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How We Do Loyalty Program Management

Jacob Brain


What does it take to manage a great loyalty program? Whether you are starting a new program, or looking to grow it, having strong loyalty program management will be helpful as you look to gain success in your program. At New North, we have three pillars of our loyalty program management that we instill into each management opportunity.

Leading Loyalty With Data

We are a metrics-focused organization. We love numbers, because numbers are what give us indication and direction on making the program work. From data modeling before program launch, to extensive LTV or CLV analysis during the program, we make data a priority as we manage the program. Data should drive decisions in any marketing conversation, especially any around retention or loyalty.

Marketing Automation in Loyalty Program Management

We leverage some of our best minds in marketing automation and predictive analysis to our loyalty programs. To increase effectiveness of every email send, tweet, or phone call, it all is tested through multivariate testing, to constantly provide improvement and optimization of the campaign. Combined with smart data, we boost CLV and engagement in programs with brains not brawn.  If your loyalty program management is not embracing marketing automation, start today.

Relevant and Real

The last pillar of the program is to make sure that we are always “relevant and real” to the customer.  Asking ourselves questions like “Why is this relevant?” or “Are we pushing or asking?”, all help us toward making sure we are caring for each customer as a precious commodity. Each message needs to resonate with the customer as a human, not as just a statistic. People have emotions, feelings, and desires that create our human experience. Your loyalty program management should align with those characteristics and become something more real that just a discount. It aligns with your brand toward unlimited possibilities.

If you are looking to take your program to the next level, let’s have a conversation on how New North can help. 240.5755.887 or Contact Us.

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