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3 Ways To Keep Your Online App Subscribers

Jacob Brain


Application users can be as fickle as they come. With new apps coming out frequently and with such a large demand on applications to fit the subscribers’ exact needs, attrition is just around the corner for some subscribers. But there are some strategies to keep your app subscribers engaged. Here are three of them

1. Find a way to reward longevity.

3 Ways to Keep Your Online App Subscribers
Think of something new and innovative to give your customer on their anniversary every year. If you have personalized data about the user, use that to customize the gift or promotion.

2. Increase personalization.

Having an application that allows users to increasingly personalize it for their company or personality is a winning strategy for long term adoption. Many applications we have seen only allow personalization in the upper tiers of the subscription model. We think this is a poorly thought out strategy. Personalization is a key driver of adoption in many organizations and personalities. And even though the application may not have functional personalization, it can have aesthetic or visual customizations that allow the users to feel more at home. Dashboards are a great way to allow customization into your application in small bits. Included in this should be continued orientation into the other features of the application that the user has not accessed yet.

3. Let them connect on more channels.

A recent study shows that customers want more ways to communicate with their service providers. How many channels are available for your app? Is there a mobile app? What about a concierge voice service or TXT interface? Remember when twitter was a TXT tool? Make sure you can provide your service, or respond to needs on as many channels as possible to enrich your users’ experiences. It’s availability that really wins with channels. Make your application data, or at least customer service available on as many channels as possible. Not sure which channels to grow into? It might be time for a customer survey.

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