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Why I Left Your App: An Open Letter

Jacob Brain


Dear Software-as-a-Service Provider,

I’m not sure you remember me, or at least it seems like you don’t remember me, but I was one of your early customers. I really enjoyed your application when it came out, it seemed to fit my needs really well. I talked to many people about the way your app impacted my work and social life, (I remember the #hashtag we started when you first launched!) and how I was so happy to have found it. The pricing was really great then, even though I didn’t care how much it cost, it was worth it all to me. Your product was awesome, and I still think its good, but something has changed.

About two months ago, you changed the product in a few ways that threw me for a loop.You didn’t even ask me if I wanted the service to change, you just did it. Additionally, the changes moved everything I was familiar with around, and it was harder to use. I’m a pretty savvy user, but I have to admit, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth when I opened the app on Monday morning to find that my life just got a bit harder with having to dig around to find my favorite functions. And what did you do with my favorite feature? I really enjoyed that, but I guess I was the only one, so you took it away. And to cap it all off, all these new features I did not ask for, changed the pricing so now I pay a few dollars more a month than I used to. I would have been happy to give you my feedback, but it seems like your attention has turned away from the group of us that helped spread the word in those early days. So, I stopped using your app, and you never even noticed.

I did try to contact you back then to see if you could help me find that feature, or explain what happened. But I could not find a real person to talk to, and my email went into the abyss of “feedback@” email account that I doubt anyone ever reads. So I couldn’t even reach out to you. Your team was front and center on social media reaching out to new users, but I couldn’t find a single person to talk to when I had trouble.

I’ve found another product I like. They are smaller, and seem to pay more attention to the users. In fact the guys who make the app, use it every day and I feel like they understand where I am. Cost is not really a reason for my leaving, as I would have been happy to pay more for my older service with you, but I wanted to know I was paying for an app from someone who served customers, not just profits. My friends like this new app as well, and they are feeling the same things I am about your app. I’m sure they are all going to leave soon, even if they are using your app now.

I wanted to let you know why I left. I valued our relationship, but I guess it wasn’t mutual. I hope you can build on the relationships you have now, and change your ways to save some of those people who love your app now, and would be willing to go for the long haul. For me, it’s too little too late. I just wish you the best.


Joe “$10,500 LTV” Customer.

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