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Why Nobody Listens to You on Facebook

Jacob Brain


Do you ever feel like all that hard work you put into social media is fruitless?

Facebook works for “those” businesses, but yours is different, right?

Maybe you feel like you should stop posting altogether and focus your time on something with a better ROI?

Before you throw in the towel, make sure you are doing it right. There are a lot of companies vying for your clients’ attention, so make sure that your social media strategy has all of the right components to it.

Ask yourself 3 questions: What are you posting? When are you posting? And, why are you posting?

Doing this just might help you to see where you’re lacking – and with a few changes, you can start to get your prospects’ attention.

What Are You Posting?

When deciding what you should post about, it is essential to first put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer. What problems are they having? How can you help? What are they interested in? Once you understand this, then content is easy to find/create. If you are a flower shop owner and your ideal customer is a husband trying to be romantic, then maybe a post to an article titled “5 Ways to Ignite the Fire in Your Marriage” is appropriate. Make sure flower delivery is one on the list, and post it out. Content that solves a problem, and simultaneously pushes your product. For quick ideas, check out a few of our best Facebook post ideas.

When Are You Posting?

The best post ever created by human hands is worthless if posted at 3am in the morning. Social media moves fast, so even if your prospect looks on Facebook when they wake up in the morning, your post is long gone. Sure, that’s a bit of an extreme example, but you get the point: 2pm is worthless if your clients’ don’t look until they’re off work at 5pm.

Find out when your clients check social media, and post at that time. There are thousands of studies showing the efficacy of posting at different times, but at the end of the day you need to do your own research. Post at various times of the day and use Facebook Analytics to discover your best posting times. The best Facebook strategy is engaging content that’s been optimized by data.

Why Are You Posting?

When investing in anything, you need to have in mind what type of ROI you are looking for. When it comes to spending time and energy on social media, what is success to you? Views to increase brand awareness? Leads to increase your sales funnel? Whatever it is, make sure that every action you take gets you one step towards that goal. If you want leads, have call-to-action in posts. If you want a bigger reach, post about trending topics.

Hopefully, through this exercise you’ve found a few ways you can better utilize your time spent on Facebook. Before you decide your business should quit using Facebook, make sure you have given social media your best effort. You never know – it could be what brings you that next big client you have been waiting for.

Ready to take to finally be heard on Facebook? As a social media marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we know what it takes to reach customers online. Get in touch with us to find out how social media marketing can work for you.

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