Reactive Marketing, or Marketing with Conversation

As marketers, we are pressing to constantly keep up the output of our messaging.

Whether we are using social media, email, or print, we are getting our message out hundreds of times a day to our customers. At times, many marketers lose touch with the fact that we need to have a conversation with our customers, not just a series of one-way messages.

A conversation is a series of exchanges that share ideas and feelings.

Many marketers are burying their customers in messages without ever pausing to evaluate if the customer is listening, or even responding.¬†Imagine someone talking at you without ever pausing to listen for your response. You’d probably be turned off in a matter of seconds. Without striving for conversation, we are slowly pushing our customers away with messages without context.

Embracing the idea that each and every message is the start of a conversation, we need to define what a conversation looks like in the digital world.

One of the greatest things about digital marketing, is the vast amount of data available. So, each email does not have to result in a reply to have a response or be measured. Varying degrees of responses are available to you in opens, link clicks, forwards, page views, etc. Each of these responses can tell you what the customer is feeling about what you are communicating.

Interpretation is key to understanding and making the next move in your communication with your customer. It is predicable from our standpoint, that any marketing message that does not react to its customer’s response will slowly become less effective to the point of customer churn. This smarter approach to messaging moves to a more customized and relevant messaging for your customer.

We need to take a step back and strive for conversation in our messaging.

Speaking, listening, responding. There should be a growth process and a clear articulation of our message each time. The second message should learn something from the first in a way that reflects the customer’s response to you. This is the beginning of conversation, and the beginning of the next wave in marketing.

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