Episode 2: Time Management – How to Get the Most Out of Your Day

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, we talk about time management and how you can get the most out your day, alongside a book that will change the way that you get things done.

This Week’s Mailbag Question:

What are the biggest time-saving strategies to use in everyday life?


  • First fruits: staging up your day for the success that you want to have.
  • Being a time pirate: calendaring everything?
  • Distractions: be helpful or say no?
  • Delegate and eliminate: stay in your sweet spot, and let people help
  • Boundaries: make sure that work doesn’t leak into personal
This Week’s Food For Thought

Getting Things Done, By David Allen

A strategy for clarity in your email inbox that can be applied to much of your life. Don’t be overwhelmed by email – have a mind like water, with clarity and peace. Our minds are great thinking machines, but they’re not necessarily great storage machines. Use your brain for the right purposes.

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