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Successful Content Creation Tips for AV Integrators

Jacob Brain


Content creation is arguably the most important aspect of your marketing plan as an AV integrator. It’s the content from webpages, blog posts, referrals, ads, and social media that brings people to your site and keeps them engaged.

You do not want to skimp out when it comes to content creation for AV Integrators. This is a chance to explain your specific AV integration products and services in your own words, in a way that resonates with potential clients, and in ways that drive new business.

Since content creation is such a pivotal part of marketing for AV integrators, this article and these tips will go deeper into the world of content creation itself and unearth which avenues will have the best results on your AV integrator prospects in particular.

Ready to learn? Take a close look at these following tips if you want to master content creation as an AV integrator.

Market Yourself Well on Your Website

If you are doing AV marketing, chances are good that you have a website. Although it may or may not be the most aesthetically pleasing website, it’s a place to drive traffic to, which is great!

 One thing to keep in mind when looking at your AV Integrator website, though, is the content that’s displayed on entrance pages. For example: what is the first thing your potential clients will see when arriving at your homepage?

It is crucial to place the most useful and engaging content at the front and center of your landing pages so your clients don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt for their needs. Of course, your prospects must first arrive on your website, but from there, it should be a smooth experience that moves them in the right directions.

When most people come to your site, they have a specific need, but they are most likely not going to look for the solution on your testimonial page or your news page. Make sure that the main landing pages are clear and serve your client in their needs. However, that doesn’t make those pages any less important.

Line up your landing pages and linked pages correctly. That way, when prospects get directed to your AV Integrator site, they are being brought to the most useful place for their specific desires.

Keep in mind: the quality of the main landing page content is important, but the rest of the journey matters, too. You still want to have engaging and relevant testimonial sections, videos, and blog posts. These content pages will give your AV Integrator clients knowledge on your values and mission as a company, as well as increase your ranking on search engines.

Create Engaging Blog Posts

Blogging has drastically changed over the years. Blogs are much more than sharing photos of food or travel. Now, all kinds of business and companies (including the AV industry) are utilizing blogs not only for the boost of content, but for the rich search engine optimization, brand awareness, and expertise that blogs provide.

When you have a full blog page on your site, filled with carefully written content, you will have a plethora of content and links that will build up your site quality. Within your blog, you will likely link to other articles on your site or even other articles you’ve found helpful, etc.

These links to and from other webpages are referred to as backlinks. They are very beneficial to your search engine optimization. When your AV Integration site has a large number of backlinks, as long as they are valid, they’ll inevitably make your site rank higher on major search engines (i.e., Google, Bing).

If you’re wondering what an AV Integrator blog should even look like, take a look at some examples. It doesn’t hurt to understand what your specific AV Integrator client base is interested in, although you probably have a good idea of that already.

Subscribe to a few AV Integrator blogs and see what their tactics are. Who knows, you may be inspired!

Remain Relevant on Social Media

Have you ever considered social media marketing as content creation for your AV Integration business? Your clients are on social media, and the more interaction and trust you can build with them the better.

Maintaining a presence on social media as an AV Integrator may seem a bit daunting at first, but it’s not necessary to be posting multiple times a day and constantly checking mentions. What is important is to maintain a presence that speaks to your AV Integrator business, expertise, and values.

This might mean for your business:

  • Sharing photos and videos of before and after shots
  • Explaining some new products that are launching
  • Engaging with customers
  • Building customer reviews/testimonials
  • Posting career openings
  • Advertising for events

Although there are hundreds of social media platforms out there that you could test, the main ones that are worth experimenting with at first are Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to look deeper into the specifics of platforms and what may perform best for your AV Integrator business, research a bit and figure out where your client base is.

Be careful: all of these details are dependent on your goal with social media, and how you see it adding value to your AV Integration business.

Utilize Email Newsletters

Have you ever wanted to dabble in email marketing or email newsletter content creation for your AV integration business?

Starting that process from the beginning is not an easy undertaking, although the results are worth it. The email newsletter process requires a knowledge of how email marketing brings results, understanding content creation nuisances, and having a steady stream of blog posts to link to.

As I said before, although the beginning stages may be a bit confusing, the end results are worth it. Your clients get to hear about things happening within the industry, news in your AV Integration company, statistics and news in the business world, and so much more.

The main thing to focus on when first drafting your newsletter is the subject line. Coming up with a clear and clever subject line may be the most time-consuming part of drafting your newsletter, but it is important.

Here are some subject line tips:

  • No longer than 6 – 10 words
  • Use specific wording
  • Be surprising (but not obnoxious)
  • Do A/B testing before sending out
  • Avoid obnoxious wording or ALL CAPS

After coming up with an attention-grabbing, specific, and not-too-long subject line, there are a few other things to do. Get a clear and relevant blog post or article to link to in the newsletter. Bring up relevant information to the AV industry and use this newsletter as an opportunity to inform your client base.

Testing the time of day, day of the week, subject line, etc., in you’re A/B testing is crucial as well. This will give you a healthy benchmark to aim for, and then you can adjust from there based off your results.

Once set up properly, email marketing yields incredible results that you don’t want to miss out on.

Grow Your AV Integration Business with Clear Content Creation

Content creation is an important step in reaching customers and creating marketing growth – but there are more steps to the journey.

At New North, we offer complete and customizable marketing packages based on your unique needs. If you’re ready to reach your next level of content creation growth as an AV Integrator, contact us today.

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