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The More You Give, The More You Receive

Jacob Brain


This inspirational headline has more of a “nuts and bolts” application than you might initially think. When we start to look at our interactions with our clients as relationships similar to our cherished personal relationships, we have the opportunity to capture a significant place in our client’s mind. When you establish a truthful, unfettered, and open dialog with your client about expectations and roles, it can lead to a stronger relationship in the long run. And as these great relationships develop, both parties are looking for some of value that is not tactile like a finished product or financial, but the intangible and qualitative, such as trust, honestly, and dependability.

These types of relationships can not come without investment. This means extending beyond your comfort level at times to reach new and unfamiliar personalities with confidence and an open, accepting nature. When meeting someone who does not share your interests and outlook on life, you can develop a better relationship by exploring common threads such as heritage, locality, education, view points, and social ties. There is always somewhere to start an open, engaging dialog with a client that extends beyond the scope of the work at hand. It’s our opportunity to extend that olive branch, to set aside differences and communicate in a manner that is both honest and constructive.

The last thing anybody wants to to work with someone they can not communicate with. I believe in looking at each client as a potential relationship and an opportunity for growth. And as you “give” yourself to these relationships, you will inevitably receive more than you give.

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