The Power of the Podcast

Jacob Brain


When people think of podcasts, they most likely think of their favorite one to listen to or the best episode they’ve heard lately. Rarely do IT consultants consider the podcast as a valid outlet for public relations marketing, company branding, or even branding themselves as a thought leader. Which is too bad, because when it comes to PR marketing for IT consultants, the podcast can be a powerful tool.

The benefits of a podcast for IT consultants can be huge. There are many ways being a guest on a podcast can result in benefits for PR marketing for IT consultants.


In 2016, an estimated 57 million people listened to podcasts on a monthly basis. However in the latest 2018 report, the amount of people who have ever listened to a podcast has gone up by nearly 10% to almost half the US population.

With an audience that huge, almost every niche or demographic is guaranteed to have a podcast dedicated to them. But since we’re talking PR marketing for IT consultants, let’s take a look at how many technology-based podcasts are out there. On Spotify alone, there are currently 100 podcasts in their Business & Technology section at the time this was written. On iTunes there are thousands of podcasts just under technology. That doesn’t include podcasts produced by local technology organizations or produced and published on their own websites.

No matter where you look, there are opportunities to be a guest on podcasts that discuss every facet of technology. And podcasts aren’t just for those trying to reach a B2C audience. The head honchos of the businesses you’re trying to reach most likely listen to some tech podcasts as well. Podcasts give you a great opportunity to reach the right audience for your company and brand yourself as an expert at the same time.

Thought Leader Branding

Being interviewed on a podcast is more than just an interview- it’s an endorsement. That podcast has chosen you as someone worthy of being a guest. Don’t underestimate the power of endorsements.

The interview gives you a chance to brand yourself- your personal brand- as a thought leader in your industry. Even a small local podcast gives you one more piece of media up your sleeve that says “I am an expert. My thoughts are valued.”

Think about it- when someone is interviewed on your favorite podcast, you may find yourself taking their words with a little more credit than if you had just met them at a networking event. Sure, they may be saying the same words, but it’s all about the platform. PR marketing for IT consultants through podcasts is especially powerful because of the medium. Podcasts can be broadcasted on air, on other platforms like Spotify, through local organizations, or shared on social media. This one medium can be spread far and wide. We’ve already established that it’s listened to- but it’s also valued.

Podcast isn’t the trashy reality TV of thought creation. Podcasts are widely seen as an educational and informative way of spreading information. When you become the voice of a podcast, you’re more likely to be seen as a thought leader in your industry.

Company Branding

As you most likely know from every company meeting, your LinkedIn profile, or your presence at a networking event- your personal brand also represents your company brand. When you are a guest on a podcast, it’s not only a great time to build up your personal branding, but it’s a great time to give your company a boost.

For most IT consultants, they go on a podcast because of their experience with their company. It’s easy to weave the two narratives together to create a great story that gives both you and your company a great PR boost.

When it comes to PR marketing for IT consultants, going on a podcast gives your company the bragging rights of having a thought leader in the industry as an employee, and you get the backing of a successful company behind you. As a matter of fact, if you come from a successful well-known company, it may help you get on a podcast in the first place.

Lead Generation

So what’s the ROI on PR marketing for IT consultants through a podcast? Forget the branding- you can have concrete results from guesting on a podcast as well. Podcasts can be a form of lead generation for your company. However, it shouldn’t be the main objective for going on a podcast. Your appearance is much more likely to generate personal branding than it is 100s of leads. Despite the truth of this, you can’t discount podcasts for lead generation entirely.

A large factor that impacts how many leads you’ll obtain from a podcast is the pre-existing audience of the podcast itself. The larger and more well-known podcasts will have a wider audience, allowing you to reach a huge audience with just one interview. Depending on the quality of your interview, listeners may reach out directly to you or find your company web page and start looking.

Website Traffic

Podcasts have large website-driving power. That’s not only true during the airing of your interview; podcasts are also low-level evergreen content.  Sure, unless it’s a truly astonishing episode, people may not be searching for your episode years later. But at least for a season, the podcast you were a guest on will have you listed on their website. Make sure to link to either your personal or your company website in your bio or podcast description. If possible, include social links as well.

Podcasts can become a great backlink to your site, both boosting your SEO and driving traffic. Not only will podcasts drive traffic to your site, but they’ll drive traffic that’s interested in your subject and willing to engage with you further. These people may be looking for blog posts to read on your episode’s topic or have questions for you.

To take full advantage of PR marketing for IT consultants, direct any listener with further questions to your website for answers through blog posts or to your website’s contact form. It’s a great way to collect leads, grow your email list, and engage further with your audience.

The Podcast is Powerful—Use It.

The podcast is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to PR marketing for IT consultants. Podcasts give IT consultants the chance to get out from behind their computer screen and engage directly with your listeners in a more interactive capacity. It boosts brand recognition, personal branding, company branding, and drives website traffic which can turn into leads. The content can be reused across all of your channels, the podcast’s channels, and you can turn your experience into blog posts.

But it can be hard to know where to start. Tracking down the right podcast for your audience and pitching yourself can be a daunting process. New North knows podcasts. We know hosting podcasts. We know being a guest on a podcast. And, perhaps most importantly, we know PR marketing for IT consultants.

If you’re ready to harness a new platform for your marketing, talk to us today.

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