The Promise in Business

As we work everyday to enhance our marketing efforts, we can’t lose focus on the core fundamentals that make your business and brand work. No amount of money spent on advertising can compensate for a team member who regularly forgets calls, misses meetings, or falls through on promises. Promises are one of the human experiences that enter into the business world that affect all of us in some way. Some promises in business are not explicit promises, but can be subtle ideas or actions that trigger an emotional response with our clients and have a deep, profound affect.

Consider this example: you conclude an email by saying something as seemingly insignificant as “I’ll call you at 3 to follow up with this email.” By saying this you are entering into a promise contract with the recipient. If you follow through with that call you move toward establishing a healthy, trusting, promise-fulfilling relationship with that client. On the other hand, while missing that call might not end your relationship, your promises will mean less in the future and your client’s trust in your work may be compromised.

So the message here is to say what you mean and mean what you say. We are humans who communicate with each other and whether we like it or not, our promises can make or break our relationships without us even being aware. Don’t be careless. Don’t over promise. And if you do, always, always deliver.

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