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Why You’re Thinking All Wrong About Websites

Jacob Brain


If you are still thinking your website is a digital brochure or some simple marketing necessity, you’re wrong. And this mistake is costing you dearly. Websites are still evolving and it’s time for you to catch up on what’s happening, so that you don’t leave money, leads, and opportunity behind.

Don’t Be Ignorant. Be Informed.

It’s simple to bring up your website and be happy with its simple design, or beauty. But can you answer the question, what has your website done for you lately? Websites are far too critical to every business these days to simply rest on your laurels about what it’s doing for you.

Have you looked at your competition’s sites recently? Have you looked at the industry leaders? How well do you really know what a good website is? I see so many websites that remind me of when my 5-year old would bring me drawings. It’s darling and well-intentioned, but it’s not something I’m trying to pass off as professional. Is that your site?

It Has to Have a Purpose

What is the goal of your website? At the end of the day, what part of making money or serving your client does your website do for you? Does it do it well? What impression does it leave? You must have a purpose or set of goals for your website.

And once you have those goals, your website better dang well be aligned to those goals! If you are trying to attract leads, and your site does not have a phone number in the header, you are sadly far, far off course. It is the seemingly minute details like this that will cost you sales.

It’s the Bedrock

If you haven’t drank the Kool Aid by now, let me give it to you straight. Your website is important. Very important. And your knowledge and understanding of what your customers need and your market requires should be at the top of your list every month. Those thoughts need to make it over to the website as fast as possible. Your website is the bedrock of your brand, voice, communication and service to your customer. How well is it doing?

Ready to transform your thinking – and your website? As a Maryland web design company, we’ve worked with companies across the country to turn their websites into valuable business tools. Get in touch with us today for a free review of what’s working on your website, and how you can make it better.


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