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Top 5 Web Marketing Statistics for Audio-Video Integrators

Jacob Brain


So, your AV integration business has a website – and not only that, your website looks pretty slick. That’s great, but know what’s even better than having a website that looks slick? Having a website that can capture real, genuine, qualified leads for your business.

After all, that’s what’s so great about websites (and digital marketing in general): the abundance of data that they collect can be measured and tracked. Traditional methods of marketing have long relied upon a combination of guesses and inferences that left substantial room for disagreements about what tactics were actually generating business results. Simply put, it was tough to measure what was working, and what wasn’t. That’s not the case with digital marketing for AV integrators.

Today’s marketing tools don’t just make measuring success possible – they make it easy, too. It’s like the transition from analog to digital sound. Digital innovations just make things easier to work with (and, we’d argue that the transition is even better in marketing – there’s no degradation in quality).

Here’s what all of this means: You can actually know whether or not your AV integrator website is working. So, is yours? Here are five essential marketing stats for audio integrators to help you know if it is.

1. Visitors

Perhaps the most obvious statistic to track as part of your website strategy is how many people are visiting it. Visitors (or users, depending on the semantics of the tool you choose to use) are a good initial measure of the impact your website is having. How many people are actually making it to your site to find out about your AV integration company?

The number of visitors that your site attracts will give you a basic idea of how your traffic-driving techniques are working. In the marketing funnel, this is a simple way to keep track of the top end.

And it’s important to keep the top end of your funnel filled, because without visitors, you won’t have anybody to convert into a lead. If you’re short on visitors, you’ll want to invest in search engine optimization to make sure you’re getting found. The truth is that you need visitors, because they’re the foundation of website success.

2. Source of traffic

Monitoring the sources of your traffic is also incredibly important. That’s because knowing where your visitors are coming from will give you insight into which of your tactics are working. You’ll be able to see, for instance, how effective your social media strategy has been in driving visitors to your site, or how you’ve been doing on Google searches.

With a bit of diligence, you can even get a handle on how your off-line marketing efforts are working. Did you see a major spike in direct traffic the week after you participated in an AV trade show? That would likely indicate that your networking was successful.

Of course, you can refine your techniques further for increased clarity into how your offline tactics are working, but source of traffic is a great place to start.

3. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an interesting statistic – it’ll tell you the percentage of visitors who leave your site upon landing, as opposed to clicking through to another page. This can help you to measure the effectiveness of your landing pages and the value of your content. After all, if you’re not showing your visitors what they’re looking for, or something that they value, they’ll leave.

As an AV integrator, you’ll want to tailor your site’s layout to your business. Are you showcasing your services in a format that makes sense? Do you offer rental options, and are they easy to find? The more attention you pay to optimizing your site, the better visitors will be able to navigate it, and the more likely they’ll be to become customers.

Here’s another, closely related statistic to keep in mind as a bonus: pages per session. This is the mean number of pages that visitors see before leaving your site. It’s another way of measuring how effective your site’s design and content is.

4. Pages Visited

Once you know how many visitors are coming to your site, how they’re getting there, and whether they’re staying, you’ll want to know if they’re getting to the right pages. What pages do you want your visitors to see? Well, which pages will generate conversions? Do you have any AV services that you’d prefer your visitors to see?

You can also measure the effectiveness of different posts, articles, landing pages, etc. in reaching your audiences.

5. Conversions

Finally, the most important statistic of all: conversions. As an AV integrator, this should be the purpose of having a website. Conversions will certainly vary across different AV business models; one site’s conversions may be simple email signups, while another site’s may be equipment rentals or even purchases. At the end of the day, though, this is how websites generate leads, and ultimately, sales.

While tracking the hard, total number of conversions is perhaps most important, tracking conversion rate is helpful as well. This is the percentage of visitors who convert. It can help to show the effectiveness of your design, messaging, and content – and obviously, the higher the better.

These five stats are a good place to start to help you find out if your AV integration company’s website is working.

Of course, measuring your success is one thing; achieving good results can feel more difficult. First of all, be encouraged. Awareness is the first step to improvement, because what is measured improves. And if you need tactical advice, get in touch with us. We’ll provide you with a free online audit of your current tactics, and discuss a sketch of what a viable strategy would look like.

Don’t just have an AV integration company website. Have a website that works.

Want help getting started? We do marketing for AV integrators like you. We can review your website and let you know what’s working – and what isn’t. Get in touch with us here. We may be a Frederick, Maryland web design company, but we’ve worked with companies around the world. We can help you create a digital strategy that will have real results.


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