7 of the Best B2B Marketing Blogs Actually Worth Reading

Jacob Brain


Looking to up your B2B marketing skills? Want guidance as you put strategies into action? These seven blogs are great places to start.

1. New North Insights

Yes, we’re slightly biased. But if you’re looking to learn B2B marketing, we’re confident our content can help. We cover pretty much everything – from tactics to theories (and even the occasional op-ed on the state of the industry).

Some of our top B2B marketing posts:


And there are plenty more where those came from – here’s the link to our blog listing page if you’re ready to get reading.

2. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Ah, HubSpot. As you might expect from the company that literally invented the idea of inbound marketing, they do an extremely good job of a) creating a lot of content, and b) ensuring that all of their content is very valuable. If you’re looking for general marketing advice, this is a worthwhile stop.

No, they aren’t specifically focused on B2B – they serve B2C firms, too. But they have a wealth of content dedicated to the B2B space.

Some of their best posts include:

Each is packed with details and is definitely worth the read.

3. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute blog is one of my personal favorites. largely because the information they provide is always very tactical.

Like HubSpot, their content isn’t specifically dedicated to the B2B space, but the vast majority of it is very applicable. Unlike HubSpot, much of the content is written by people who are working actively in the field; I think, for that reason, it tends to feel un-sales-y and educational, both of which are good things.

Some recent highlights include:

If you’re looking for intelligent tactics, this is a great place to start.

4. The B2B Lead Blog

The B2B Lead blog is run by Brian Carroll, who’s a leading researcher in empathy-based marketing. As you may be able to tell from the blog’s title, yes, it is specifically focused on B2B.

Brian has been running this publication since 2003, and it continues to hit the mark – not only is it insightful and helpful, but it’s actually pretty funny, too.

Some great recent articles include:

If you’re not intrigued by those titles, I don’t know what to tell you. And yes, they’re all legitimately helpful in unpacking how to do B2B marketing well.

5. Backlinko

Backlinko is probably my favorite SEO blog, for two reasons: 1) It is incredibly detailed in its explanations of how to do SEO, and 2) it still manages to present information that’s easy to follow and implement.

It’s run by Brian Dean, who’s been praised as “the unicorn among a sea of donkey SEOs.” Brian’s work is not limited to B2B marketing, but he does tend to feature B2B topics pretty frequently.

If you want to learn about (or do) B2B SEO, start with these articles:

Each one will make you better at SEO. If you read all three – well, let’s just say Page 1 better make room.

6. Sujan Patel

Okay, this one’s a little broader than B2B marketing. But it’s relevant, because Sujan runs a bunch of B2B companies (and does marketing for them, too), and it’s also super interesting – I think largely because he writes from personal experience so often.

Some of his recent posts include:

If you’d find from-the-trenches marketing insights from a serial entrepreneur to be helpful, then check them out.

7. Modern B2B Marketing Blog

This one’s pretty straightforward – it’s a blog about B2B marketing.

It’s run by Modern, a UK-based B2B marketing firm with a wealth of tactical expertise to offer. You can tell they’re UK-based from their address (which is in Bristol), but also because they use the British spelling for words like “optimise” and “programme.”

Anyway, recent posts include:

This is a good place to get a general overview of how to build B2B marketing strategies.

Want more B2B marketing insights?

While the blogs listed above are only a sliver of what’s out there, each one has plenty of good information to get you going.

If you’re looking for additional guidance in running B2B marketing campaigns, let’s talk.

At New North, we’ve been helping B2B companies to grow with marketing for over 12 years. We’re regularly recognized as a leading B2B marketing agency by organizations like Clutch.

If you want to move your marketing forward, schedule a free consultation today.

And, either way – happy reading!

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