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15 Best B2B Tech Marketing Resources for Growing Your Skills and Business

Jacob Brain


Looking for insights into B2B tech marketing? You’ve come to the right place.

First, a note: there aren’t many notable publications that focus on B2B technology marketing specifically – but there are plenty of awesome publications that include it in their content. To offer a well-rounded resource pool for the subject, I’ve broken these up into three categories:

In combination, these resources will provide a wealth of information that will help you to improve your B2B technology marketing.

All right – let’s go. These are the 15 blogs and publications that are worth following if you’re looking to grow your skills (or your B2B tech business).

Tactical Technology Marketing Resources

Let’s start with a few tactical resources. Each of these is geared toward a specific marketing discipline. They aren’t necessarily focused directly toward B2B technology marketing, but I’ve selected them for their applicability to that context.


At a base level, Copyblogger is dedicated to teaching marketers how to write compelling copy. From their about page: “Since January 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.”

This is a great resource toward strategically shaping messaging. Brian Clark, founder and editor, has been a respected voice in the field for decades.

PPC Hero

PPC Hero, like its name suggests, is dedicated to teaching paid search marketing tactics and strategies. It’s actually run by an agency (Hanapin Marketing) that focuses specifically on training internal marketing employees. From their site: “We find our success in supporting digital marketing heroes as they face uphill battles every day in an industry that never stops changing.”

Their blog is packed with useful, tactical tips on SEM-related topics from AI in PPC to scripts for managing Google Ads budgets.

Search Engine Land

Across the marketing industry, Search Engine Land is widely recognized as one of the go-to resources for SEM and SEO. Posts skew toward the tactical (with topics like “Here’s how I used Python to build a regression model using an e-commerce dataset“), but there are some more news-focused pieces featured, too (“Google search quality guidelines update emphasizes users of diverse backgrounds“).

The site’s about page sums this balance up nicely: “In addition to the editorial news staff coverage, Search Engine Land features contributed articles by subject matter experts across all digital marketing disciplines, filled with practical tips, tactics and strategies for running successful marketing programs.”

This is a great resource to track with for any B2B technology marketer who’s touching SEO or SEM.

Neil Patel

Neil is good.

He rose to prominence thanks to thought leadership in SEO, but there’s a breadth of information on his blog that ranges across marketing channels – from messaging strategy tips to email marketing to social media.

The meat, though, is still the SEO content. It’s good, and it’s been proven to work: Neil gets more than 2 million visitors to his own blog each month. You can be one of them if you click here.

Social Media Examiner

As you may have guessed, Social Media Examiner is focused on social media marketing news and insights. While it’s not specifically B2B-focused, the site’s content encompasses pretty much everything a B2B tech marketer could hope to know about social media.

From their about page: “The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales.”

In the B2B tech world, those bottom-line metrics are where social media’s value lies.

General Technology Marketing Resources

The resources in this section aren’t focused on specific channels; rather, they’re focused on marketing as a whole (and, for the most part, on B2B marketing, specifically).

B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing is another appropriately named platform; the site focuses on B2B-specific marketing content, with articles on topics like “3 things you should never start an ABM journey without” and “4 things B2B marketers need to know about social media right now“.

They also offer trainings and events for B2B marketing professionals, with which they’ve helped over 200,000 marketers across the globe. Basically, if you’re a B2B marketer, this is a good place to check out.

B2B Marketing.Technology

Forgive this site’s somewhat haphazard aesthetic – the content is thorough and helpful. This one’s a bit of a crossover between B2B and technology, but it’s focused specifically on “martech” – the industry term for marketing technology tools (like Hubspot, SEMRush, Moz, MailChimp, etc.).

More specifically, it’s focused on helping marketers evaluate and choose well-fitted martech solutions. From the site: “B2BMarketing.Technology is designed to help marketing professionals—particularly in small-to-midsized B2B companies—make more strategic decisions about acquiring marketing technology (martech) tools and applications.”

If you’re a B2B marketer evaluating the technology you’re using in your role at a small to mid-sized business, this is a good resource to look at.


Ah, the Hubspot blog. You probably guessed that it would appear on this list, didn’t you? You were right.

Hubspot coined the term “inbound marketing” and then set about proving its effectiveness by writing a ton – really, a ton – of marketing content. It’s immensely helpful and slightly intimidating.

No, the Hubspot blog isn’t specifically B2B focused. But they cover B2B marketing in as much depth as anyone (which is why they’re on the first page of Google for the phrase “B2B technology marketing” with this article here). If you’re marketing for B2B technology and want to up your game with good insights, bookmark this one for sure.


Not to be confused with the other Martech blog on this list, Martech.Zone is dedicated to tactically using technology in marketing. (The other Martech-named publication, which we’ll discuss later, focuses more on the news side of things).

It’s got a regularly updated, wide-ranging selection of B2B marketing technology articles to check out – everything from “How to Redirect WordPress in Header” to “Everything You Needed to Know About Retargeting and Remarketing!”

Content Marketing Institute

Finally, let’s cap off this section with one of the most recognized names in marketing thought leadership: Content Marketing Institute.

Their about page sums it up nicely: “Content Marketing Institute is the leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching enterprise brands how to attract and retain customers through compelling, multichannel storytelling.”

While their branded toward “enterprise brands,” their content is applicable to anyone doing B2B technology marketing. As a side note: they also host the world’s biggest content-marketing focused event, the Content Marketing World conference.

Business Technology News Resources

Finally, let’s cap things off with five technology and business news sources. These aren’t tactically focused – they’re more news publications than anything, but they’re extremely helpful for marketers who want to stay up-to-date in the industry. Again, not all of these will be specifically focused on B2B technology business, but all of them are applicable and well worth a follow.

Ad Age

You have to include Ad Age in any list of the marketing resources that are worth reading, right? For our purposes, I’ve narrowed the publication down to its marketing blog section.

Here’s the brief: “Ad Age is a daily must-read for an influential audience of decision makers and disruptors across the marketing and media landscape. Created in 1930 to cover a burgeoning industry with objectivity, accuracy, and fairness, Ad Age continues to be powered by award-winning journalism.” Yes, it’s been around since 1930 – only valuable things last that long.


From their press page: “The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design.”

In other words, WIRED features tech news of all kinds, meaning that they cover plenty of human interest stories and consumer tech angles in addition to business content. But they have a robust business category that’s certainly useful for business technology marketers to stay abreast of. And, honestly, their content is simply pretty fascinating, especially if you’re into tech.


TechCrunch is similar to WIRED in its tech focus, but it’s a bit more focused on the business applications of technology than it is on the cultural implications. For instance, the publication has a category dedicated specifically to B2B technology, which features articles like “How should B2B startups think about growth? Not like B2C” alongside press-release-type pieces, like “Salesforce will acquire enterprise e-commerce software startup CloudCraze.”

All in all, the publication offers a nice mix of B2B technology news and thought leadership pieces.

MarTech Today

From their about page: “MarTech Today is a daily publication that covers all aspects of the marketing technology industry… Daily news coverage includes breaking stories, industry trends, feature announcements and product changes at popular platforms used by marketing technologists to reach consumers online.”

If you’re a “marketing technologist” (which is undoubtedly what you call yourself), this is a can’t-miss publication to follow.

Interestingly, MarTech Today is a sister publication of Search Engine Land, which we included in the tactical section of this list. But while Search Engine Land is a bit more focused on the “how” of marketing, MarTech is more focused on the “what” – it’s packed with news on marketing technologies and companies, with articles like “Stock photo service Unsplash launches image-based advertising for brands“.

Harvard Business Review

Finally, if you’re looking for marketing resources that will help you learn, there may be no better news source to turn to than Harvard Business Review.

Actually, to describe the Harvard Business Review strictly as a “news source” is a bit limiting; the publication features research, case studies, news items, and more. It’s not specifically B2B focused, or technology focused, or marketing focused, for that matter. But it has a wealth of deep business insights that can serve to benefit any technology marketer looking to grow.

Want more B2B technology marketing help?

Hopefully, these resources are helpful as you pursue growth in B2B technology marketing. If you’re looking for more guidance, let’s talk. At New North, we help B2B technology firms reach the next level of growth with better marketing. Marketing’s hard, but it can be done well – and we can help.

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