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When Is It Time to Redo Your Website?

Jacob Brain


Are you experiencing some trouble closing leads or even getting interest in your product or service? It might be your website causing your troubles.

The common misconception is that a website helps your business succeed no matter the condition.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In actuality, a bad website is like having a misinformed individual walking around, telling your potential customers the wrong information about you and your services and distracting from your real value. The thought of that makes most of us cringe – and it should.

The more common reality is that many companies have websites that do not communicate what their clients are looking for. Are you one of the guilty? Here’s a quick test to see.

  1. Does your website talk more about you or the customer? Is there a litany of “We” and “I” statements, or do you see “You” and “Your” more in the content?
  2. Does your “About Us” page ramble on about your history, or how your history impacts your customer’s experience?
  3. Are you using too much jargon? Ask your parents if they can understand your content and phrasing. Too many times companies try to sound smart, but end up alienating the prospect. We’d much rather understand than be impressed.
  4. When was the last update? If you have to think in years, it’s time.
  5. Are all of your products and services listed on the site? Have any of them changed? Another way of saying this is: can I buy what I read on your website?
  6. Are your stock images looking a little dated? Depending on your field, that can be deadly to a prospect’s confidence.
  7. What on your website helps me trust you? How do I know you’ll be successful?
  8. Can I understand how or why you are different than the competition?
  9. Do you have a mobile version of your site?

How do you rank?

These are all what we’d consider critical issues that need to be addressed with a website redesign. The good news is that you can fix many of these issues without breaking the bank.

The key is to act – and act now. Your competition is probably working on a redesign as we speak. If you wait to see what they are doing, you’re going to be too late to the game to even play. Let’s talk and do a free review of your website, to see what updates may make sense in order to start bringing in the leads.

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