Why Email Marketing Works

Jacob Brain


Email marketing has been around for almost 20 years. In the tech space, that is a lifetime. That being said, it is still a very viable marketing channel that should be a part of your marketing tool belt. There are dozens of reasons you should make email marketing a part of your strategy, but here are a few.

Everyone Uses It

Regardless of whether you love or hate email, you use it daily. Not only that, but you likely check several email accounts every day. According to Statista, 34% of American consumers check their email “throughout the day”. Your target market uses email, so you need to take advantage of that knowledge. Because of this prevalence, email is a numbers game. Even if you only close .5% of all email recipients, it is worth it.

It is Inexpensive

Closing .5% of recipients sounds bad, until you take into the account the cost. Hint: It is next to nothing. While you can spend money on designs or consultants, the average email campaign is likely to “cost less than 10% of a direct marketing campaign while reaching a considerable larger audience”. This reduction of expenses allows you to affordably create campaigns quickly and efficiently. What other way can you reach out to such a large audience without spending an arm and a leg?

Personalization and Segmentation

All this being said, an email campaign being sent out to 1000 random accounts is useless. This is where email’s ability to target customers with a personalized message comes into play. Your product or service caters to a specific demographic. Not only can you only send emails to prospects that perfectly match that demographic, but you can send a personalized message to them that they can resonate with. Do you have a couple different types of customers with different pain points? Great! Send a few separate email campaigns that reach these prospects.

These are only a few of the characteristics that make email marketing so important. If you listen to naysayers waiting for email marketing to die out, then you will miss out on new clients. It is a cheap, efficient way to get the word out to potential customers, so use it!

Need some help knowing where to start, or want to make your campaigns more effective? We’re here to help. We’re an email marketing company in Frederick, Maryland and we’re ready to take your campaigns to the world. Consult New North and get your own personalized and effective email campaign.

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