Why Increasing Facebook Likes Doesn’t Matter

Jacob Brain


Increasing Facebook “likes”, for “likes” sake, is a big waste of marketing dollars. A bold statement, but experience would support that you’re effort for reach might be negated by the simple effectiveness of your overall page brand.

Liking You For The Wrong Reasons

Aside from being a sappy breakup line, “likes” established under wrong pretenses can be misleading. There are many services that say they will give you X amount of likes for a few hundred dollars. Although you do need some credibility and power in your Facebook page, this exercise will set you back. Don’t do it. You are better off earning the first 1000 “likes” the hard way, because once you reach 100 likes though effort you’ll have figured out what works and want does not, and you can’t fake a large following. Something has to be working in your marketing.

Likes validate your approach, not the other way around

The design behind the social network is for ideas and concepts to be shared. If you don’t have good things to share, increasing your Facebook “likes” will almost be impossible – no matter how many “likes” you have. “Likes” are designed to validate your content and approach, more likes has no magic ability to make your content or page more attractive. A solid social media strategy will put the right foundations on your program so you earn “likes” over time that really promotes engagement and interest.

Celebrate Like #1999

With this approach to social media marketing campaign, you will start to treasure each like as a small victory to validate the approach you are taking. Like closing each sale, delivering each widget, each like is a moment to the strategy you are taking. Don’t take a short cut, don’t try to jump the system. The results won’t last, and you’ll loose sense of victory you’ll get with each like that you earn.

If you want to earn more “likes”, trying inbound marketing social media campaigns could be a better way to succeed. At New North, as an inbound and social media marketing company in Frederick, Maryland, we’ve been earning likes, followers and building social media marketing success for our clients around the country. Let’s have a quick conversation if you are interested in learning more about how we win for our clients.


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