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Why Orientation Campaigns Matter

Jacob Brain


Orientation is the process of introducing someone to the environment and procedures they need to be successful.

As marketers, you want your customers to be very successful in their experience with your company, and you want that success over and over again. But sadly, we find that so many companies do not think of orientation campaigns as a necessary use of marketing dollars. So much effort is dedicated to getting the customer’s attention, the next step of drawing them into the experience and helping them see the value is often overlooked.

Decisions, Decisions

When a customer decides to purchase a product or service, they have made their decision based on factors that matter to them. They learn just enough to make their decision, and proceed. They neglect many times to dig any deeper into the product or services offered by the company, and leave without a complete understanding of the company’s offering. Orientation, from the marketer’s perspective,  is the process of adding to that knowledge by actively engaging the customer in what they really need to know to make the most out of your relationship with them. As marketers, if you don’t engage them in all the USPs of your company, no one will. And you can be assured that unless you make an effort, many of your customers don’t know what makes you unique and will let the same uncontrollable tides that brought them to your company, take them away.

Making the Path Clear

A well oriented customer is on a path to success with increased retention and referral rates. They have made a deeper connection with a brand, through conversation, and that brings a wider array of trust and affinity to the consumer’s mind. They are fully aware of the position your company has within the marketplace and own the relationship they have with your company.  They not only know what you do, by they know why you do it, and as Simon Sinek notes, that is the greatest challenge we have as marketers.

Orientation matters.

It’s the missing step in taking a customer on the journey from consumer to product advocate. It builds relationship, trust, and brand affinity. And no one will do it for you. You have to create your own orientation program, and engage your customers.

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