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Why Video Marketing Works

Jacob Brain


You probably know by now that online marketing is all about creating great content. And you’ve also probably heard that video marketing is the future of content. You’ve put two and two together, and you’ve come to the conclusion that you should be looking into video marketing.

You’re right on. Before you dive in too deep, though, let’s review a few of the video marketing basics. Just what is it about video that makes it so effective as a medium? Understanding its strengths will help you use it to its full potential.

So, without further ado: four reasons why video marketing will work for your business. Let’s get started.

1. Video marketing connects

There’s been an abundance of research done on this topic, and the results are in: video is incredibly effective at engaging a viewer. This is largely due to our reliance on vision as our primary sense. I love this graphic shared by Vidyard:


Video allows for the presentation of visual information that is easier to process than text.

We don’t just process the same information more quickly, though. Video also allows us to process information that text just can’t convey – and that makes it more engaging.

According to Susan Weinschenk’s widely cited research, video’s effectiveness is due to four main factors: Humans are wired to pay attention to faces, derive influential emotive information from tone of voice and body language, and focus on movement.

Basically, video caters to a lot of our human nature. It’s naturally engaging.

2. Video is more shareable.

Because video is engaging, it’s shareable. When people connect with something, they’re more likely to pass it on to others – and that happens all the time with video. You’ve probably seen your share of viral videos. You’ve probably shared at least a few of them, considering the fact that 92% of mobile video viewers have shared a video.

Because videos are quick and engaging, people are eager to share the ones they like. Like Chewbacca mom, for instance.

Even if you don’t have the natural charisma of Chewbacca mom (and let’s face it, that’s some impressive charisma), video marketing’s share-ability can work for you.

3. The web is being optimized for video.

The internet is increasingly being designed with video in mind. This is true on a variety of levels. For one thing, technology is just getting better. Routers and Wi-Fi are evolving. Google studies show that pages are loading faster. All of this means that video streaming is easier than ever.

Not only is the web faster, though – sites are also being optimized for video. Consider Facebook. A few years ago, Facebook video was an afterthought. Now, Facebook has made huge strides with the medium, from designing their native videos to autoplay in viewer’s timelines to offering the ability for users to live stream their own videos. The platform has seen huge growth, and it will only continue.

4. Video production is cheaper than ever.

Do you own a smartphone? Then you can produce video. Most of today’s phones shoot in 1080p, and they’re already trending towards 4K. All you need is the right environment and a mic, and you’ll be on your way.

Of course, if you’re going to get serious about video, or want high production quality, it will probably be wise to work with experts. Regardless of whether or not you decide to outsource production, though, you’ll still find that video is increasingly affordable.

Want to get started with video marketing? Get in touch with us at New North. We’re experts at creating content that will engage your customers and create leads for your business, and we love creating video marketing in Frederick that’s designed to tell your story to the world. You might not have the natural charisma of Chewbacca mom, but you shouldn’t miss out on the fun of video marketing.

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