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10 SEO Tips for B2B Marketing in Tech

Jacob Brain


The fight to rank for a keyword can feel like an uphill battle. For valuable terms, competition is tough. Rankings fluctuate. Results take time. It’s easy to become discouraged when B2B marketing in tech.

But don’t give up hope yet.

The key to SEO for B2B tech firms is to create an intelligent content strategy, supplement it with sound technical construction and backlinks, and, maybe most of all, to stick with it. Even as your rankings rise and fall, over time, you’ll gradually start to rank higher and eventually make it to the first page for searches that matter.

You can do this – and you should, because it’s a foundational strategy in B2B tech marketing. With that in mind, here are 10 tips to create an effective SEO strategy for B2B marketing in tech.

1. Take Advantage of Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps you measure your site traffic, flags any issues, and gives your site a boost when it comes to SEO rankings. For the most part, ranking for a number one keyword is dependent on how well you understand Google. Using Google-created tools can help you develop a deeper understanding of how Google views your website and what adjustments you need to make in order to increase your rankings.

2. Pay Attention to Mobile SEO

When you begin optimizing your B2B tech firm’s site for SEO, a common tendency is to focus just on desktop users. But the world of mobile SEO is rapidly expanding – and, even in the B2B world, it matters more than ever. Achieving high rankings for a mobile user is a little different than desktop. You want to ensure your social profiles are set up and that your site is mobile responsive. One tactical note: on mobile, generally avoid pop-ups. Google docks mobile sites that use intrusive pop-ups.

3. Your Video Strategy Matters

B2B SEO is is no longer just about written content. Google has begun to increasingly integrate video content into SEO rankings. When people google a question, videos are popular methods of generating answers, because they’re short, sweet, and engaging. One interesting strategy is to create videos that answer popular search queries. For example, if someone googles “how to select the right ERP,” it’d be great if your short (under 2 minutes!) video popped up to answer their question.

4. Keep Working for Backlinks

You can’t cheat when it comes to backlinks. Google really comes down hard on creators who attempt to scam the system for more backlinks. If they catch wind of the fact that you’re making donations in exchange for backlinks, you’ll almost certainly be blacklisted. If they think you’re using a mass directory scheme, your SEO will be punished for it.

One of the best ways to curate backlinks is to reach out organically to users who may be interested in your content and see if you can write a guest blog post for them. Get your business on high-quality directories, such as Yelp or YellowPages. Creating a great backlinking network for B2B marketing in tech takes time. Keep working away at it.

5. Create a Pillar Page

Pillar pages are the core of your SEO strategy. You should have one pillar page per high-value keyword. Blogs that are related to this high-value keyword should all link back to the pillar page, thereby lending it credibility and authority. Think of your pillar page as your core knowledge demonstration around a topic. This is the page that you want to rank for your most important search terms.

6. Rewrite Bad Content

Most B2B tech marketing websites have a few skeletons in the closet; outdated blog posts, discontinued products, or pictures of team members who’ve moved on. You want to keep bad or outdated content to a minimum – but, if you do turn up something strange, consider whether or not it could be repurposed. Instead of trying again with a different blog post on the same keyword, rewrite. In the same vein, if you notice a blog post isn’t ranking well for a targeted keyword, then look at the content. Is it well-written? Does it use good grammar? If there’s room for improvement, do it.

7. Produce, Produce, Produce

This may be the most underestimated tip on this list: SEO is a production game. The more consistently you produce content, the better your SEO rankings will be. The more blogs you post, the more Google will be able to understand your site and serve relevant content to searches – and the better for your SEO rankings. However, it needs to be high-quality content on a well-organized site. Make sure each SEO blog has a specific keyword purpose.

8. Avoid Duplicate Content

As you produce all of this content, it may be tempting to duplicate a few blogs. After all, the more content the better, right? Wrong. A great way to drop your firm’s SEO rankings for B2B marketing in tech is to duplicate content. Whether you take it from your own site or (worse) plagiarize it from someone else’s, duplicated content hurts your SEO rankings. Create well-organized editorial calendars so you can see what has already been written and avoid duplicating it.

9. Use Image Alt Text

Anytime you put an image into your site, whether it’s in the content or a header image, always use alt text. In order to give your SEO a boost, include your keyword in the alt text of relevant images. Each blog, for example, should have a featured image. Use one that relates back to your keyword and put your keyword in the alt text.

10. Customize Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Custom title tags matter. Don’t expect that inserting your B2B tech marketing keyword into your title tag will bring your from ranking #100 to #1 – but, on the flip side, don’t expect to rank for a keyword that’s not in your title tag. Customizing your tags with your keyword will benefit your rankings. And meta descriptions give context to searchers to confirm that your link has relevant content, encouraging click-throughs.

No matter where you’re starting from, even if it’s from ground zero, every B2B tech firm can improve their marketing with a killer SEO strategy. It takes time, effort, and dedication, but it’s worth it when the traffic and leads start flowing.

If you want a content strategy team at your disposal, reach out to New North today. We’ll help you create a great SEO strategy with high-quality content to push your website up search results.

If you’re interested in that, let’s talk.

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