Case Study Kimberly Clark

LTV and Churn Model Confirm Gaps in Service


Kimberly Clark


Professional Goods





Leader in professional goods needed help understanding customer churn and how to predict revenues.

The Problem

Kimberly-Clark Professional UK came to New North for help in developing strategic initiatives that would reduce their customer churn. Like all businesses, they desired to reduce churn, but they needed help in creating a predictive understanding of the factors that were behind it. As one of the largest distributors of consumer goods in the world, they had access to mountains of customer data, but they weren't sure how to find the value through the noise.

The Solution

New North worked with Kimberly-Clark to identify the primary factors that would cause customer churn. To uncover these KPIs, New North processed mountains of data, analyzing thousands of customer loyalty metrics to uncover significant trends. The behavior points and service gaps that were discovered during this process could impact the bottom line of the business in terms of millions of dollars.

Campaign Results


Lift Triggers Found


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Triggers For Churn