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How Do I Increase ROI in B2B Marketing?

Jacob Brain


To Increase ROI in B2B marketing you need a better understanding of the systems available to you to take full advantage of your marketing assets. The B2B marketing game is changing, and we all want any advantage we can to help us win. Here are some simple ways to have your B2B marketing help you win more often, increasing your ROI.

Understand your Customer Journey

These days of sales and marketing operating in separate silos is over. To really win marketing and sales you need an integrated plan that addresses the true buyer journey. Without this, both departments are operating on separate assumptions and not sharing the data they both need to succeed. One to solve this problem is to have your sales and marketing team share a similar scorecard. By sharing key metrics of both teams, you are able to align both around what success really looks like. This alignment is what will enhance your b2b sales and increase your ROI in B2B marketing success.

Use Marketing Automation to Increase ROI in B2B Marketing

Once you have alignment around your buyer journey, it’s time to make the process more efficient with marketing automation. A 3 to 4 person sales and marketing team can do the work of 10 with the right tools in place. For example, you can automate drip email campaigns and follow up sequences to help nurture your leads. Searching for these efficiencies is easy, and exponentially increases ROI and saves you time.

Data is your Best Friend in B2B Marketing

If you are not using a marketing automation system that allows you to trigger on key data points like annual revenue, marketing actions such as website views, or personal data points, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Data is the most important asset you can have to automate and make smarter decisions around your marketing mix. Do you know which marketing or advertising activities you do work the best?

Get Started with Inbound Marketing for B2B

Many of these concepts are covered in the inbound marketing methodology that New North develops for our clients. Take a look at some of the inbound marketing services and how we might be able to help you deliver more ROI for your marketing dollar.

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