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The Best MSP Marketing Toolkits in 2023

Jacob Brain


If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance that you’re already familiar with the interesting marketing service / product model that’s become more popular over the past several years: the “marketing toolkit.

But, just in case you’re not, let’s clarify:

What is a marketing toolkit?

Great question. It’s basically templated marketing strategy and tactics that can be used (with a bit of customization) by multiple companies. For instance, you might pay $100 per month to get a subscription that includes three blog posts, an ebook, and an educational video. All of the content is white-labeled and supposedly helpful in getting your company more clients.

Think of it as “marketing in a box.”

This product model works best in industry niches, where content is easily applicable to a large number of companies – like, obviously, the MSP industry. And it’s appealing, especially for MSPs that are just ramping up their marketing efforts and don’t have the budget to hire someone internally or engage a full-fledged agency.

With that said, if you’re considering an MSP marketing toolkit, here are your top options:

1. Technology Marketing Toolkit

I’m ranking this firm first because these guys pioneered the entire idea of a marketing toolkit.

The Technology Marketing Toolkit has been around for over 18 years and has reportedly been used by nearly 20,000 clients. Founded by Robin Robins, the product claims to be based on over two decades of research with over 10,000 IT services firms.

Here’s how the site explains the offering:

Based on results and the copious number of client success stories we have, the Toolkit is the IT industry’s most successful and proven program for marketing IT services. Whether you’re a start up with very little time and money, or an established MSP that isn’t growing at the rate you want, our Toolkit will give you the tools, templates, systems and guidance you need to confidently implement a productive marketing plan for your IT services business.

Here’s what the toolkit includes:

  • 100+ IT marketing templates to help sell everything from managed services to phone services
  • Membership in an MSP marketing community
  • Q&A calls with Robin Robins

Price: $4,759 one-time payment (you get the materials for good, but membership to the community expires after 12 months).

2. MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge is a newer player in the space, but they’re quickly gaining traction thanks to the incredible amount of content they produce for their clients.

The UK-based company was founded in the mid 2010s by serial entrepreneur Paul Green, who also hosts The MSP Marketing podcast and runs “the world’s biggest community of MSPs talking marketing” via his Facebook group.

Important notes: The Marketing Edge is available for one MSP per zip code, and you can try a month for free when you sign up.

Here’s how the site explains the offering:

You get this massive collection of fresh, powerful marketing tools sent to you every month.

Here’s what the toolkit includes:

  • Educational guide
  • Educational guide promotional tools
  • Video
  • Prospect emails
  • Client emails
  • Social media content
  • Sales letter
  • Press release
  • Printable newsletter

This stuff (and more) is delivered every month – so you’ll basically be drowning in content if you choose to go with this toolkit. It’s impressive, but the truth is that you probably won’t need all of it; using it all would require more time than you probably have to commit to marketing.

Price: $129 per month (the first month is free and you can cancel any time).

3. MSP Marketing Launchpack

Finally, MSP Marketing Launchpack is an offering that we put together based on our decades of experience helping dozens of IT services companies with marketing. It’s built to help newer MSPs grow by driving results at a fraction of what it would cost to work directly with a lead generation agency.

The primary focus of the MSP Marketing Launchpack is SEO; it’s designed to help MSPs rank for the keywords “IT support,” “cybersecurity,” and “managed IT service” in local search engines. Like Marketing Edge, it’s only available for one MSP per zip code. It also comes with a full-refund guarantee if your firm doesn’t see results within three months.

Here’s how we explain the offering on the site:

The Launch Pack is the marketing content that we’ve used to drive leads for dozens of MSPs, white-labeled and packaged for easy implementation on your website.

Here’s what the toolkit includes:

  •  24 blog articles that will improve your ranking for Google searches on the terms “IT support”, “cybersecurity”, and “managed IT service” in your location.
  • 2 lead magnets that have been proven to convert MSP site visitors into email contacts.
  • A sequence of emails that will help you to nurture contacts to become customers.
  • Directions to help you easily implement all of the content on your site so that you get results and start generating leads.

Price: $2,499 one-time payment

Is an MSP marketing toolkit right for you?

We’ve covered the top three MSP marketing toolkits on the market – but before you hit the buy button on one of these, it’s worth making sure that this approach is right for you.

The bottom line is that each of these products is a template, not a tailored plan. Choosing to go with a marketing toolkit is a great option if you don’t have the budget for an agency engagement or if you’re testing the waters with marketing for the first time.

In these scenarios, an MSP marketing toolkit can give you a great head start on marketing. It’s like choosing to follow a workout plan rather than working with a personal trainer.

However, if you want to get tailored MSP marketing strategy – say, for a specific product offering you’re creating, or to hit specific business goals – you should probably go with an agency engagement. Later-stage (bigger) MSPs often find that toolkits don’t quite meet all of their marketing needs.

If you want to take the next step in MSP marketing, let’s talk.

At New North, we’ve helped dozens of MSPs with goals like lead generation, dominating new markets, and getting successfully acquired. If you want to grow your MSP with marketing, we can help you.

Schedule a free consultation today and we can discuss whether an MSP marketing toolkit or a more customized engagement is the best fit for your MSP.

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