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4 Reasons Why Website Design for Financial Advisors is Important

Financial advisors, can we chat for a moment? While other skilled professionals, such as real estate agents, lawyers, and doctors have learned to embrace website design, you have taken your time picking up on its importance.

Granted, there might be a myriad of reasons why this is the case: you don’t have time to work on designing a website; you don’t know how to work on a website, you’re not exactly sure what to do with a website; etc.

The attitude for website design for financial advisors is changing, though. Now, it’s universally recognized that a positive web presence is important for any financial professional, even though you might not like the idea of establishing yourself online.

Building a website and online presence is very time consuming, especially if you’re not handy with HTML, CSS, or any other web coding. Hiring a company, such as New North, who specializes in web design and development, to build a website for your business, as well as establish your practice on social media, pays off dividends down the line.

Here are four reasons why having a solid, professional-looking web presence is vital for your practice.

1. Create More Business with Better Marketing

Prospective investors looking for financial advisors won’t go to services such as Yelp. No, they’re going to go to the ones who they were referred to by a friend, or a friend of a friend. Then, if they are an educated investor, or even just conscientious, they will Google that recommended financial advisor pretty quickly. When prospective clients look for you via a search engine, such as Google, wouldn’t you rather they find beautiful, informative content rather than nothing at all?

The benefit of having a beautiful website design for financial advisors is the same as having a beautiful office – it’s inviting, it’s impressive, and it shows that you care about doing a great job for your clients.

2. The Clients You Want Expect Quality

The internet is the main reference and research tool for consumers. No longer are small businesses found through newspapers, yellow pages, and brochures. Now, consumers are finding local businesses online, and if you want your practice to be successful these days, you’re going to need a website or a landing page where customers can find out more about your services, find your contact information, and learn about your business’s operating history.

Remember, being off the web effectively makes you invisible to a large portion of your new potential clients.

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3. It’s Easier to Compare You to Your Competition

When clients are looking for a new financial advisor, they never only look at just one. The same way that you go shopping for a house, or shop for a new car, you don’t just look at one model and make your decision based off of that. You do a product comparison.

Often, a potential new client will be comparing your services to another advisor’s services, and in the early stages of research, that comes down to comparing websites/web presences. If you don’t have a website at all, that puts you at a disadvantage from the beginning.

Having a site with basic brochure-type information is definitely better than nothing, but if you have a robust site with articles, advice, tools, or other useful information, you’re more likely to catch the attention of new clients.

4. Helps You Obtain Contact Information

Having a website is an easy way to gather clients’ email addresses and contact information. E-newsletter applications are easy to hook into your site; clients then enter their contact information, and sign up to receive communications from you.

In doing this, you can reach your clients whenever you want for a host of reasons: you’ve launched new services, there’s been an update in the market, company news, etc. Automating your communication system saves you substantial amounts of time when compared to doing the same work by hand.

The Bottom Line – We Can Help With Website Design for Financial Advisors

It’s simple – having a strong web presence is no longer an option or a luxury for financial advisors. It is, in fact, very necessary. At this point, it’s as important as printing business cards, or having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Your entire online presence is a reflection of you, your business, and your qualifications. If you want to compete and be relevant on the web, don’t drop the ball on something that potentially thousands of new clients will see.

This is where New North comes in. As we mentioned, it’s hard to create, or even update, your website if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing. It’s even more difficult to do website design for financial advisors when you don’t have the time to do it, either. That’s why our staff is dedicated to creating award-winning designs for your website, keeping SEO in mind so your site pops up on search engines.

Contact us today for a no-hassle, free consultation to see what we can do for you and your website.

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