5 Facebook Post Ideas for Engineering Firms

Everyone wants to see those posts that can light up engagement metrics and increase your followers’ click-through rate with a few magic words on Facebook. The truth is, that while there isn’t exactly a real magic bullet for this, time and time again we’ve seen these three types of posts performing really well for engineering firms on Facebook.

1. Behind-the-Scenes of Engineering Post

Many engineering firms keep their Facebook pages very professional, with images and text that have been passed through the company ranks in an effort to maintain a certain look and feel. The danger of focusing so much on professionalism, though, is that your posts may end up being scrubbed clean of any real personal interest.

That’s not to say that professionalism has no place on an engineering firm’s Facebook page – of course it does. Your followers want to know you’re good at what you do, after all. It is to say, though, that once in a while a candid, honest, or even unprofessional photo can boost your engagement. That’s because it’s intriguing on a personal level. And behind-the-scenes posts make people feel like they really know your company, which increases their level of trust.

So, next time you’re working on a project, consider posting a photo of the process (don’t worry, you don’t have to give any of the details away). Have a company event coming up? Try to get a few photos to showcase the company culture.

Sure, these posts don’t translate directly into purchase decisions, but they build the personality of your company in a way that an uninterrupted dose of no-nonsense professionalism can’t.

2. Employee Showcase

This is another personal interest option: consider highlighting your employees on Facebook.

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Let’s face it – engineers don’t always spend a ton of time interacting with clients. And that’s okay. But, featuring an employee in a social post can help to lend a face to the great work your engineering firm has been doing. Not only that, but if your employee gives you permission to tag them in the post, you’ll likely get engagement from their friends. That’ll put your post in front of more eyes, and give you the chance to connect on a personal level to potential followers by humanizing your firm.

Honoring your employees with an employee showcase post can help you further develop your brand.

3. Give Away a Free Resource

This might seem like a no-brainer – obviously giving something away will increase engagement, right? But many people do this wrong, as they try to give away their free e-book every other post and it just doesn’t get traction. What’s the difference between that free item and a free resource that would drive engagement? Try to use a free resource that has universal appeal. In most cases, a good bit of thinking in a room with a few colleagues can drum up a few ideas. Generate a high value give-away that would mean a lot to your customers. Maybe it’s a webinar, or an e-guide to Green Facility Design, or an infographic about how a well-designed HVAC system can cut down facility costs.

Regardless of the specifics, if it’s useful and free, people will be interested.

4. Explain What You Do as an Engineering Firm

Get beyond the industry jargon, and create a post that explains how you do what you do in terms that people can understand. At heart, nearly everyone enjoys understanding how things work. If it’s possible, distill some of your processes down to succinct explanations, and include images showing how they work. You may be surprised at how much people engage.

Are you unable to disclose how things work, for technical or legal reasons? Try explaining the benefits in the simplest terms possible. You’d be surprised how effective stripping industry jargon away is in increasing engagement.

5. Comment on Engineering Industry News

This might seem difficult – you may not have something to say about everything that goes on in your industry, and you may want to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. There’s a good chance, though, that once in a while, you see a story or hear about an engineering industry trend and have an immediate reaction to it.

Well, don’t keep that reaction to yourself, especially if you have a unique perspective on the story. Your audience will appreciate your insight into current events, and you’ll be able to improve your position as a thought leader and drive engagement. You don’t have to do this every day – just keep an eye and an ear out for stories, and be ready to share and comment on them when the right ones come along.

Next Steps for Engineering Firms on Facebook

So, there you have it: five Facebook post ideas for engineering firms. We’ve seen these drive a lot of success for engineering firms, but these aren’t the only techniques that work. Above all, an effective approach to social takes the commitment of time, consistency, and the development of your firm’s unique voice.

Have any of your own Facebook post ideas for engineering firms? We’d love to hear from you. And, if you’re looking for social media management for your engineering firm, we’d love to have a conversation about how we can help. Get in touch with us for a no-pressure consultation to get your strategy headed in the right direction.

Remember, Facebook for engineering firms doesn’t have to be a waste of your time. With the right strategy, Facebook can be valuable for your engineering firm – and it can help your firm to provide value to your audience.

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