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AV Marketing
to Help Your Integration Company Grow

Showcase your integration work. Outpace your competitors. Grow your business.

We Know the Challenges That Are Standing in Your Way.

Because we’ve solved them.

  • Our current clients love us. But we need more new business.
  • Too many of our leads are for projects we don’t really want.
  • Our marketing quality needs to match our project quality.
  • Our competitors are showing up before us in search.
  • I’m not sure how to enter this new market successfully.
  • I need marketing that complements our sales efforts.

Let’s help your company rise above the noise to reach real growth.

For more than a decade, we’ve helped AV integrators like you to stand out and reach growth goals – from getting more high-fit clients to dominating local markets. Our approach works.

Case Study
Content Nurture Impacts Leading AV Integrator

Audio Video Group is a premier AV systems integrator serving the Maryland area. Their AV expertise helps them to provide cutting-edge audio-visual solutions for their clients, but they weren't utilizing the depth of their expertise to produce web content that would attract and engage users. That's where New North came in.

New North worked with AVG to create and implement a content creation strategy that would showcase AVG's expertise. This took the form of blog posts, featuring a variety of AV insights, company developments, and project showcases that cemented the company's status as a leading AV integrator. The results of the 72 published blog posts were a 33% increase in search traffic, with 39% of all site visits touching the blog.

We’ve Optimized the Marketing Decision-Making Process.

The digital landscape is changing fast. Markets and technologies are constantly emerging and shifting. Determining the right opportunities to pursue is harder than ever.

Success requires considered decision-making - but also rapid thinking and execution.

We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges in growth marketing is balancing short-term opportunities with long-term strategy. Over-focus on the short term leads to haphazard campaigns that lack strategy. Over-focus on the long term leads to missed opportunities.

Our decision-making approach bridges the gap so you can grow past it. And we wrote a book about it so you can learn it for yourself.