Daytrader SEO vs Investment SEO

If your SEO professional makes you feel like SEO is a volatile stock market full of peaks and valleys, like the financial markets, you might be ready for a new (less stressful) approach.

Ignore the Hype

SEO is a critical aspect of digital marketing – we all know that. The challenge is that, sometimes, agencies or SEO professionals like to build mystique or hype around how SERP rankings work, and around what process goes into achieving results.

To aid that hype, they’ll promote and conjure up a frenzy of news and updates on what the “algorithm” is doing, and what they are doing to defend you. At times, it reads better than the plot of The Lord of the Rings.

We disagree with this approach for two reasons:

  • We believe that marketing should remove mystique, not create it.
  • The search engines are designed to build confidence, not shake it.

I call these two approaches Day Trading SEO and Investment SEO. One for the fast frenzy and high risk intent, the other the slow and steady gains of established leaders. Let’s dig in.

Why “Day Trading SEO” is overkill

Day trading is that constant, hourly monitoring of SEO and modifications in attempts to change your rankings. This seems great. We all want someone working on our behalf, around the clock, helping us get better. It makes sense. But it does not take into consideration the reality of how Google works.

Daily changes don’t get noticed unless you are being crawled daily. Additionally, your crawls might not hit every page.

And the techniques needed to establish good rankings are also over-embellished.

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At New North, we’ve created hundreds of first page and first place Google rankings. By no means does that mean you should consider us the best at SEO, but a proven process and years of experience tell us that you can achieve success without daily implementation of today’s hot trend, or the micro-hack found on a Russian bloggers’ website. Moving too fast could hurt you.

The engines move in waves. Weekly, monthly, even announced waves of updates to the algorithms, that would allow anyone within a reasonable schedule to perform good SEO. Simply making changes to make changes ignores these waves.

The point is this: if you are paying someone to perform “daily” SEO monitoring and optimization, you might be in the process of being fleeced and potentially harmed.

Why “Investment SEO” is the better path

So the alternative to “day trading”, is “investment” SEO. This is an approach to SEO that looks at steady, planned commitment to SEO as a means of generating a return on investment.

Think of it like this: in financial investing, there is a process called dollar-cost averaging. This is the process where you make investments (buy stocks) over a period of time to manage your cost risk. The stock goes up one day and goes down the next – but you are buying stock the whole time, so you gain the advantage of not relying on luck the one day you want to buy stock.

The same goes for SEO. You can invest (make changes to your site) as the market changes – meaning you would make changes, see how the search engine responds, then make more changes. The danger of not factoring in response time is that, as you make changes, you have no way of understanding their impact – either good or bad.

And, even putting aside all of the latest hacks and tips, the same basic approach to SEO has governed the engines for the past few years: solid content, good markup, and being focused on the right links. Just about everything else stems from those core elements.

Warren Buffet is not a Day Trader.

Put the breaks on your day trading. Take the stress off of your overall SEO program. Making solid SEO investments in your site will reap the benefits that you want, which are, ultimately, increased traffic and sustained lead generation from SEO.

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