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Events at the Assembly: How We Make It Happen

As most of our readers have heard by now, New North has recently started a new event series called the Events at the Assembly. The event series focuses on imparting marketing and business information to the community and truly making use of our new large office space. It consists of one or two roundtable group discussions a month and one large presentation/workshop a month. Typically, we partner with other businesses in the community to provide mutual promotion.

As you might imagine, our series takes a lot of corporate event planning to pull off. While the series caters to small groups, creating an intimate event series that provides a high-level of insight for our attendees is a challenge in itself. As I’ve written about recently, small events require a different set of corporate event planning skills to pull off.

So just how do we pull off our event series? Buckle in and find out.

Make a Commitment

We’re a busy marketing agency with a growing roster of clients. And just like everyone else, we also struggle with the continuous revelation that there are only 24 hours in a day. But part of our mission as a company is to give back to the communities that we operate in – whether that’s our business community or Frederick as a whole.

When we decided to begin the Events at the Assembly series, we made a commitment to uphold our high standards of service to our clients and give back to our community through the Events at the Assembly series. We believe everyone does best when expertise is shared. The Events at the Assembly is our way of imparting some of our own marketing knowledge and learning from other businesses in the area as well.

In order for the Events at the Assembly to be successful, we made a commitment to ourselves, our clients, and our community to give back and provide the best service possible. Part of making each event happen is sticking to that commitment.

Create a Marketing Plan

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of corporate event planning in Frederick MD. One of the first things we did to kick off the Events at the Assembly was to formalize our marketing plan. Our plan involves social media channels, video, email marketing, and landing pages, and we’ll even have a new page up on our website dedicated to our events shortly.

One of the best ways to stay organized for corporate event planning in Frederick MD is to have documented clear processes that help you stay on track and hold you accountable. Based on the importance and capacity of each event, we send out a certain number of social media posts across all channels as well as a set number of posts per event in our LinkedIn group specifically for the Events at the Assembly. Each event has at least two emails, with some events also leading registered attendees into a reminder workflow.

Video marketing has been a powerful tool across our social channels. Typically the videos that we post on social perform well, bring more engagement to our pages overall, and stay active for weeks. As a matter of fact, I’m still getting notifications for a video we posted for our first ever Events at the Assembly roundtable.

Sticking to your marketing plan will help you stay organized with your corporate event planning and also help you to discern which methods are working and which are not. We’ll come back to this when we analyze our plan.

[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with getting results from your marketing that you should be -> see the plan ››

Execute Your Plan

Once you’ve created your plan, all you have to do is execute it, right? It sounds simple, but like most things it gets a little trickier. Balancing your social media feeds is hugely important. The last thing you want is for corporate event planning in Frederick MD to completely take over your social channels. If you’re pushing out a huge promotion for your next event, make sure you start far enough away from the event so you avoid having a promo event post go out every single day.

When sending out your emails for your marketing plan, select your contacts carefully. You’ll see a huge raise in your unsubscribe rate if you’re sending out promotion emails to contacts who will never be able to attend. All you’re doing is just adding noise to their inbox, without providing value.

For our in-person events, we make sure emails only go out to people who would find it feasible to attend. There’s no point in sending an email out to someone in Chicago- they’re most likely not going to fly out here for an hour-long event.

Take everything into consideration when executing your marketing plan. Do you have an interesting backdrop for your social media videos? Are you balancing your day-to-day responsibilities with your corporate event planning goals?

Execute your plan carefully for the highest chance at success.

Analyze Your Success

After every single Events at the Assembly, our team comes together to analyze what happened, how it happened, what our expectations were for the event and whether or not they were met. Typically we do this through agile activities, such as a mutant star or kanban. However you choose to analyze your event, it’s always a good idea to review it in some way. Communicate with other team members who were there, and choose one thing to improve upon for your next event. Whenever you’re corporate event planning in Frederick MD, you should always be seeking improvement. Was your attendance too low? Did you run out of food? While those are rather large issues, it helps to analyze the small things as well. How were guests greeted? Did they feel welcomed immediately?

Because the Events at the Assembly is an event series, we always focus on making the next event better than the last.

Choose the Right Team

Corporate event planning in Frederick MD is a big deal. You want your events to go off successfully every time. The team you work with for your event could make or break its success. Choose your team wisely before you get started.

[STOP] If you are feeling overwhelmed with getting results from your marketing that you should be -> see the plan ››

If you have minimal experience with corporate event planning in Frederick MD, reach out to us. With our experience in event series, anniversaries, and marketing expertise, we can help you with everything from event marketing to day-of execution.

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