How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing for Engineering Firms

You understand the value of good design.

Whether your firm is focused on consulting engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, or any other branch out there, you certainly know that design is crucial to getting good results. In the same way, regardless of what type of firm you manage, getting the right clients is essential – and the only way to get the right clients is to design an effective marketing strategy for your engineering firm.

After all, your firm has the talent – but even with talent, it can be hard to stand out from all of the engineering firms out there.

There are so many firms competing for only so many projects. In today’s digitally-driven world, how can you communicate your value online? You might not have the time, resources, or knowledge to get the leads you need to help your firm. Fortunately for you, that’s where we come in. Below, we’ll cover some basics to get you up and running with your engineering firm’s social media marketing.

Here’s how to get started with social media marketing for engineering firms.

Which Platforms Are Most Effective for Engineers on Social Media?

We all know there are too many social media outlets to keep track of, and not all of them are as effective for professional promotion as they are for personal entertainment. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, for example, are some of the largest and most customizable outlets for companies to connect with their potential clientele. Things like Snapchat, on the other hand, don’t tend to be quite as effective for displaying a business model as they are for showing off what you had for lunch. When making a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, don’t overthink it; social media is meant to be honestly engaging, not heavy-handed and spammy. Try to find the right balance of post frequency – posting too much can be as bad as posting too little! You don’t want to become irrelevant by forgetting to post or annoy your prospective clients by posting rapid-fire.

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Your Social Media Audience is People, Not Corporations

Don’t forget who your audience is. When creating content, create it around what you think the people who work at your prospect’s companies will like. This is especially critical when marketing for engineering firms.

You sell to people, not businesses.

Create content that’s fun, humorous, or educational – something that will keep them coming back for more. It is also a good idea to create a plan around the kind of content you will create, to help to avoid it becoming inconsistent. If you want to have an educational or expert-feel to your posts, then keep that throughout the entirety of your marketing. Brand yourself as the expert, and you will become the go-to authority of your engineering niche.

Think about the way you use the web; when you find a website that answers all of your questions easily on the first visit, you go back, right? You don’t start from scratch and Google your next issue; you begin to develop a trust and loyalty for the site. This is the effect you want to have with your own marketing.

Check the Social Statistics

One of the major advantages to social media marketing, as opposed to other types of marketing, is the ability to get instant feedback based on what you post. Although it is possible to receive data regarding a lot of other types of marketing, social media marketing for engineering firms is a lot more direct: your post either gets 15 likes or 5, you gain or lose 100 followers, etc. It’s not quite as easy to track these statistics with things like television or radio ads, because not everyone will tell you how they heard about your company to provide accurate feedback about your other sources of advertisement. Try to keep in mind what kinds of posts garner the most likes, which types of offers increase your follower count the most in a given week, etc.

And always, always, optimize based on what’s working, and what’s not.

Ready to Improve Your Engineering Firm’s Social Media Strategy?

We hope these tips have been helpful in motivating you to launch your engineering firm’s social media campaign. Whether or not they have, don’t forget our part in this! If you want a bit more guidance, a full-on walkthrough, or an experienced team to just do all of the heavy-lifting, here at New North that’s our area of expertise. Want help creating and managing a great social media plan?

Get in touch with us.

At New North, our years of expertise as a social media marketing company in Frederick, Maryland mean that we know what it takes to design a plan that works.

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