3 Email Subject Line Tips for Increased Sales

Every time we prepare to send an email to our lists, we are hit with the inevitable struggle to make that perfect subject line. One that makes our open rates soar and click-throughs multiply. This creative endeavor does not have to be a mind-melting exercise if we recap on what is really important with our email subject lines.


There is a reason you are sending this email right? Does that match a need within your audience? This is the essential key to subject lines with emails matching your initiative with your customer’s needs. Your customers know you sell products or services, but this might not be enough to make a connection in their daily lives. What is it about your product or what news about your product is important to them now? How will this message fit into the problems they are facing at work or at home?


In addition to relevancy, there is a lot to be said about timing of emails. Many of you may have heard of “best times of day” for optimal sending and other “tricks of the trade”. What this comes from is a real understanding of your audience. Do you know when your audience is checking email, or when they are shopping online? If this is a question for your company, begin with a plan and test it. Sending your message to segments of your list at different times of day could help your team discover the best window of opportunity for your email.

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Also current events and global news items are great themes to generate interest in your product of service. How does your product fit in with the recession? Are you offering a special on recycled paper for Arbor Day? Plan it out now and make a big impact when the timing is right.


For many small businesses that have smaller lists, you are still able to setup proper list segments and craft your subject lines to gather information about what works for your audience. Every message is a chance to learn something new about your list and hone your pitch. Make it a habit to create controls and test groups, and see what comes of your different subject lines. Sending 3-4 subject lines now, can help you narrow it down to 1-2 for next time or your final send.

Quick Tips:

  1. Avoid exclamation points, question marks, percent signs, or any other special characters that are not needed. These are magnets for some SPAM filters, so use sparingly.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Say what you need to say, nothing more. Remember also that every email client shows a different length of characters. If your title is too long it might be cut off if read at all. Experts say keep it under 50 characters.
  3. Avoid the words, Free, Offer, and Help. These are all SPAM filter magnets as well.
  4. ALL CAPS. You don’t need it, and what you are selling is not that important to your readers.

Best of luck, and keep sending!

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