Seven Messages for a Purchase Receipt Email

When working to encourage retention in your E-commerce, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance your selling proposition and bring them closer into dialog with your company. Below we’ve listed out seven of the most neglected items that are missed in a purchase receipt form an online store. Hitting even two of these points will increase your customer spending, through increased engagement.

1. Thank You

How significant is your thank you message in your receipt? Is it just a headline? Or do you go into detail about the products you sell and value you present to your customers. Does the customer get something from that statement beyond just a cordial thanks?

2. Loyalty Program Information

They are on their way to being a life-long lover of your company, now is a great time to encourage them to join your program. A great signing bonus like extra points, or free shipping on certain products might be a great way to drive converts right form this email.

3. Share Social Links

No brainer for any marketing email, but those “system” emails get neglected when it come to sharing. You don’t have to share what you bought, just a comment about how much they love your brand. Encourage them to talk about you, not just the products.

4. Encourage Reviews

Plant the seed for reviews and encourage the user to make a review of their purchase. Reviews are a strong selling point for your store, and can increase revenue sharply on well-reviewed products.

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5. Who’s it From?

Is this email coming from [email protected], or is it coming from a person? People like to do business with other people. Having the email come from a customer service rep might be a great way to have personal connection and develop a relationship with your customer right from the start.

6. What We Know About You

Are you using your data to the best of your ability? Do you know products they visited, or did not buy that might be of interest to them? Ever think about giving incentive to buy that product they removed at the last minute? The best time for a sale is right after the last one.

7. Your Mission

Lastly, every receipt is a chance to explain to your customer your company mission. Are you trying to change the world one widget at a time? Or do you give proceeds to charity? Introduce and reinforce the “why” of your company every chance you get.



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