4 Tips to Social Media Marketing for Consultants

It’s 2017, and everybody has a social media presence, many of us both personally and professionally. After all, how else can you expect people to remember you if you aren’t constantly scrolling your recent news down a feed on their screen? Luckily for you, we’re here to help you make the most of your consultant social media marketing endeavors to keep in touch with your clientele in this whirlpool of information technology. Below are some tips to keep yourself and your consultant marketing relevant by making the most of your social media outlets.

Prove Your Expertise

So you’re out to give advice to people on how build their business. Your entire reputation and credibility relies on the simple promise that you can make someone’s business better – that you can improve and optimize the way that they function. If you can demonstrate your expertise on social media, you’ll be much closer to winning new clients.

As a consulting professional, your public image has to be flawless to show your potential clients exactly what you’re capable of. Make sure that you can make all of those claims for your own company before you tell someone else you could do it for theirs.

Give Some Incentive to Respond

For plenty of different reasons, people may not necessarily feel any reason to respond to your social media marketing efforts. They don’t have the time, they don’t have the interest – but most of all, why should they? What do they get out of commenting on your post other than some notification spam whenever someone else does the same?

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Well, that’s up to you. Offering valuable content will get people involved in your social media campaign and even keep them actively checking your page rather than the other way around.

Use Social Media instead of Email Spam

We all know it’s important to stay relevant to your clientele by using social media to stay on the top of their brains, so to speak. We also all know that we hate email spam, and sending too many of the same type of outreach messages with the same content will have the opposite effect on your target group: they’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe from your content.

To avoid over-saturating your clientele’s inboxes, try using social media as a way to supplement emails you’ve recently sent. Rather than 2 emails a day, try an email and then a follow-up social media post related to the email. Remember two paragraphs ago when we talked about giving away valuable content? Consider mentioning that content on social media and sending an email to enforce it. People who have seen one may not have seen the other, so you’ll either be reaching twice the number of people, or the same people twice. Win/win.

Link to Your Easy-to-Navigate Website

This should overlap a bit with the “prove your expertise” section, because it’s all about doing just that. When you find a website that’s easy to navigate and answers all of your questions about a topic, don’t you bookmark it and use it as your reference on that topic from that point forward? On the flip side, when you click onto a website and find it cluttered with useless information or too many advertisements, a dropdown menu with 75 options (most of which seem like a rephrasing of the same 3 options) don’t you just click “back” and make a mental note never to use that site again?

Technology has made us impatient in an age of instant gratification. Marketing for consultants is no exception. If your site is clean, crisp, and brimming with useful and readily available information, you’re going to get more traffic that matters: the kind that adds you to their favorites tab. If your social media profiles encourage passersby to drop by your site for a minute and it strikes them as a place to find useful information, they’re considerably more likely to visit it again in the future rather than sift through the other search engine options out there.

Next Steps to Social Media Marketing for Consultants

It’s not breaking news that social media marketing can make or break your company these days, and social media marketing for consultants is absolutely no different. In fact, in many ways, presenting a strong and positive social media presence is considerably more important, since it could be your client’s first exposure to the kind of help they’d get if they hired you to help them. Take these tips into consideration before you update your next status or tweet your next tweet.

And, for help putting together a winning social media strategy for your consulting firm, get in touch with us. The consulting leads are out there on social. Here’s to finding them.

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